JK Rowling won an award that quickly made the Left panic

JK Rowling is living proof of how nasty the Left can be.

Rowling was a darling of progressives until she spoke out against the radical transgender movement.

Now Rowling just won an award that quickly made the Left panic.

Leftists are doing everything they can to “cancel” Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

The billionaire author has been a long-time champion of progressive causes, but she stepped out of line on one issue, and she has essentially been excommunicated.

For example, the UK Guardian opened a public poll for Person of the Year, but the poll mysteriously shut down once Rowling took the lead.

From Breitbart:

An online poll conducted by the staunchly left Guardian newspaper seeking nominations for “Person of the Year” has been turned off, sparking speculation it was shut down when author J.K. Rowling took the lead. The poll was launched on December 15 and posed a simple question: “Who would be your 2021 person of the year, and why?” …

As of Wednesday it was no longer live, launching conjecture from a number of sources that the fact author J.K. Rowling was such a dominating choice the outlet had no option left other than to stop accepting nominations. It still exists but comes with the caveat “This form has been deactivated and is closed to any further submissions.”

It didn’t take long for people online to notice what happened.

The DailyWire added: 

When the outlet posted the question, “What’s the funniest thing you saw on the internet in 2021,” to Twitter, numerous people responded in the same vein as one user who replied, “The Guardian closing its Person of the year award because JK Rowling got so many votes — that was totalitarian levels of funny.”

Radical employees at Rowling’s publisher along with activist authors tried to get her dropped from the company, but higher-ups refused.

Dropping one of the most published authors in history would have been a mind-numbingly stupid move, but that’s what the Left demand.

These same radicals have attempted to cancel Dave Chappelle, too.

The radical transgender movement clearly has a lot of money and institutional support behind it for heavyweights like Rowling and Chappelle to face such corporate media-sponspored blowback.

Rowling committed the cardinal sin of saying men cannot change their biological sex and become women.

That “controversial” statement has led to ostracization and even death threats.

Rowling was not present at the Harry Potter 20th anniversary reunion, which was a glaring omission.

The three main cast members of the film series all publicly denounced Rowling’s comments.

Stating biological facts has serious consequences. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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