Jim Jordan’s latest move has the radical Left  pulling their hair out

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Donald Trump faces enormous legal pressure in what many political experts believe to be acts of vengeance from his political rivals. 

The legal attacks on former President Trump have prompted many conservatives to fight fire with fire, and in recent weeks eye-opening details have been made public about some high-profile Democrats. 

And Jim Jordan’s latest move has the radical Left  pulling their hair out. 

Democrats have opened Pandora’s box with their politically motivated indictments 

Never before has a former President, or leading candidate for President, faced as much legal scrutiny as former President Donald Trump faces. 

Many Americans rightfully suspect that these indictments against President Trump are a form of political revenge. 

Also, these indictments are likely a smoke-and-mirrors tactic, designed to distract the public from the dubious actions that the Joe Biden administration carries out on a daily basis. 

Chief amongst these dubious actions is the Biden administration’s significant investment in censoring Americans online. 

Biden officials have been caught red-handed coercing Meta employees to censor voices hostile to the Biden regime on their platform, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Earlier this week, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, announced new subpoenas against pro-censorship groups, who he believes are playing a direct role in these censorship schemes.  

More specifically, Rep. Jim Jordan subpoenaed the British-based Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), which has received a lot of scrutiny recently for their alleged role in online censorship. 

Unfortunately, the CCDH has not cooperated with any of Rep. Jim Jordan’s previous requests, and it seems unlikely that they will cooperate moving forward. 

Rep. Jim Jordan and others strongly believe that the CCDH has played a direct role in silencing individuals online, often flagging conservatives for so-called hate speech, despite not saying anything hateful. 

Government-sponsored censorship poses a significant threat to the future of America

Since taking the oath of office, Joe Biden and his cronies have launched a full-court press on the First Amendment. 

Time and time again, Biden officials have been caught red-handed working with tech companies to censor voices that are hostile to their regime, which goes against everything America stands for. 

The entire purpose of the First Amendment is to enshrine the right of Americans to voice their objections of government. 

Not only does the Biden administration oppose these basic principles, but they want to expand their censorship activities, all in the name of misinformation. 

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