Jim Jordan wannabe and never-Trumper backed congressman Dan Crenshaw just proved he’s a grifter on free speech

Dan Crenshaw attacked House Freedom Caucus founders like Jim Jordan.

But the Texas congressman has RINOs in his closet.

And never-Trumper backed congressman Dan Crenshaw just proved he’s a grifter on free speech. 

Big Tech wants everything we read, view and say fed through their establishment-approved filters.

But it’s not just Twitter, Facebook and YouTube doing the establishment’s bidding.

Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw, who recently slammed the House Freedom Caucus founded by Ohio Republican Jim Jordan as “grifters,” entered the discussion on the clear and biased censorship of conservatives.

Crenshaw’s comments came as he introduced legislation he says will rein in Big Tech censorship.

But in reality, this is actual misinformation at best.

Crenshaw’s bill, by extension of his Section 230 reform bill, are supported by Paul Singer, one of the top backers of the GOP Establishment who also happens to be one of the largest investors in Twitter.

This makes sense considering he also supports the company’s new anti-free speech CEO.  

Singer was also a major funder of the LGBTQ movement, and according to National Review, he slammed Donald Trump at a New York event in 2016 saying the GOP should “stand up for what we believe, which is not embodied by either choice on the menu in November.”

That Singer is a top Crenshaw backer alone raises major credibility issues with Crenshaw’s bill.  

And that’s before considering the bill still allows Big Tech to crack down on free speech with overly vague “Terms of Service” language. 

Without a hint of irony, Crenshaw decided the best way to announce his supposed “anti-censorship” bill was by taking shots at Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene just after she was permanently banned from Twitter for allegedly spreading “misinformation.”

In a post to Instagram following Taylor Greene’s Twitter ban Crenshaw said “And @realmajoriegreene instead of playing the victim about censorship maybe use your position as a LEGISLATOR to help pass LEGISLATION against censorship. Luckily, I’ve already done all the hard work for you and drafted a bill that would change Section 230 to prohibit political censorship.”

Taylor Greene shot back in an interview with Steve Bannon calling out Crenshaw and Singer, who is on Twitter’s board, as being behind the ban, saying “I believe he did. He’s donated a lot of money to support Dan Crenshaw and I can tell you right now I’ve never had a donation from him and I really don’t want one.” 

As for Crenshaw’s phony Big Tech legislation, one section of the bill actually says that political censorship would still be allowed if the platform discloses why in advance.

Let’s all be honest with ourselves and admit that no one reads the terms of service.

Thankfully, some folks have read phony conservative Dan Crenshaw’s Sec. 230 bill.  

Crenshaw can grandstand all he wants but slamming real conservatives like Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene is just more evidence that the never-Trumper backed congressman Dan Crenshaw is a grifter and a RINO.

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