Jim Jordan just told the Supreme Court two words that have Biden’s speech czars sweating bullets

Few people regarded Big Tech as a serious problem before the 2016 presidential election.

Now Big Tech censorship is expanding at a rapid pace.

But Jim Jordan just told the Supreme Court two words that have Biden’s speech czars sweating bullets.

Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton sent the establishment into a furor.

Trumps’ win over the hand-picked establishment candidate kicked Big Tech censorship into high gear.

Now, Big Tech companies serve as Biden and Democrats’ de facto speech czars, enforcing mass purges to silence Conservative voices and destroy independent content creators’ revenue streams.

But Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio believes he has the solution to tackle Big Tech’s one-sided censorship.

Jordan revealed his plan in a recent interview with Breitbart:

“First, get rid of the liability protection they have under Section 230…Step two, expedite a path to get antitrust actions to the Supreme Court. Let’s get it to the Supreme Court and deal with the antitrust issue…That’s a better place than having Biden bureaucrats at the FTC make these decisions…And then, third, we’re examining a private right of action you can bring when you know Big Tech is censoring your posts, your tweets, your content…We think those three things empower We the People.”

Congress has talked a big game and chewed out Big Tech CEOs in numerous hearings, but the problem action is needed.

Jordan says Republicans can move the ball forward if they take back the House in 2022.

As it currently stands, Republicans have their biggest lead ever in the generic Congressional ballot and a spate of Democrats are retiring before the midterms.

With Joe Biden’s approval numbers in the tank, Democrats sense a red wave coming.

The GOP has  a good chance of retaking both the House and the Senate and Americans expect action to protect free speech online, including removing special carve-outs for social media giants as an important first step.

If tech companies and social media platforms like Twitter want to operate like , then they should be responsible for their editorial decisions.

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