Jim Jordan just destroyed YouTube with this epic truth bomb

Jim Jordan is getting fed up with Big Tech’s censorship.

He’s leading the fight against the Big Tech overlords in the House.

And he just destroyed YouTube with this epic truth bomb.

As the COVID-19 pandemic turned into a political power grab, Big Tech stepped in to enforce the Left’s narrative.

Any content that so-called “public health experts” didn’t like was banned or slapped with warnings under the guise of fighting “misinformation.”

Jim Jordan is two-time NCAA national wrestling champ.

So it’s not surprising he’s become a no-holds-barred fighter in Congress.

Jordan is going after Big Tech’s tyranny.

During a recent hearing dealing with “misinformation” in the subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, he interviewed Stanford professor Jay Bhattacharya.

Bhattacharya is a Stanford-educated medical doctor (MD) and PhD. who has become one of the leading critics of the totalitarian Fauci-led, mask-and-lockdown approach to the pandemic.

Not only that but Bhattacharya is also among the top pandemic experts Ron DeSantis has relied on.

Jordan spoke with Bhattacharya about one of his videos questioning the effectiveness of masks being removed without warning from YouTube.

The Ohio Congressman took the opportunity to light into YouTube saying, “I think it’s amazing some guy [YouTube’s censor] who didn’t go to medical school censors the guy who did.”

“Typically the reason is … is he [YouTube’s censor] isn’t following the science and here you [Bhattacharya] have a medical degree and a PhD. from Stanford,” Jordan continued.

In the offending video, Bhattacharya said that there are no randomized or high quality studies showing that masks are effective for children.

Jordan slammed YouTube for its COVID censorship saying “this is now becoming a pattern.”

The non-medical community is trying to tell doctors what to do “all in the name of following science,” according to Jordan.

Jordan questioned two doctors brought in as Democrat witnesses as to whether it was appropriate for YouTube to censor the video.

Both of them gave mealy-mouthed answers and refused to condemn YouTube’s censorship.

YouTube’s take down of Bhattacharya’s video is the latest censorship in the on-going effort to protect – or perhaps, win the favor of – the Fauci-led health stasi.

YouTube is now threatening to double down and ban anyone who questions the effectiveness of masks for violation of their “COVID-19 medical misinformation policy.”

With American’s sick and tired of safety theater masks, YouTube faces a grassroots rebellion if they continue down the path of censorship.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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