Jim Jordan blew the lid off of a massive censorship scheme by revealing one shocking truth

Jim Jordan is the conservative watchdog the radical Left fears.

He’s taking no prisoners going after their schemes.

Now, he blew the lid off of a massive censorship scheme by revealing one shocking truth.

Jim Jordan has taken over the role as the top conservative watchdog in Congress from Trey Gowdy.

With Democrats in control of government, he’s got plenty to keep him busy.

The Left has pushed radical Marxist indoctrination in every level of education.

Propaganda like Critical Race Theory and gender insanity are being taught to children starting in kindergarten.

Fortunately, conservatives have been pushing back, outlawing this filth from being used in schools.

The Left is fuming at conservatives’ success labeling this common sense measure as “censorship.”

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee held a dog-and-pony show to decry CRT and gender insanity books being removed from schools in many Red States.

Jim Jordan turned the tables on this left-wing inquisition with a stunning move.

One of the witnesses at the hearing was Jonathan Pidluzny of the Academic Council of Trustees and Alumni, a group protecting free speech for conservatives on college campuses.

In an exchange with Pidluzny, Jordan destroyed the Left’s latest censorship scheme.

“One of things I’m concerned about is this term misinformation. If you engage in misinformation then that speech is not allowed to happen. I’m very concerned about that” Jordan said.

“Maybe the biggest purveyor of misinformation is the government. Government tells us things all the time that aren’t accurate. But somehow if a citizen says something, they’re going to get attacked by, I think often by the Left, for spreading misinformation,” he added.

The Left tries to call any conservative speech they want to shut down “misinformation.”

They label something “misinformation” sending the signal for Big Tech to censor it and the corporate-controlled media to smear it.

Pidluzny replied, “The very concept of misinformation, the idea that we should be banning it flies in the face of the intellectual marketplace. Where if you have dialogue between different ideas the ones that are true will rise to the top and the ones that are false will go to the bottom.”

The topic then turned to one of the biggest government campaigns of actual misinformation in history, the pandemic.

“For example we didn’t do a whole lot of scientific discussion of masks and how effective masks were. We heard our public health authorities tell us they don’t help, then they do help, then they don’t help unless they’re N95,” Pidluzny remarked.

“And the problem with that is it reduces our confidence in government and public officials,” he added.

Jordan completely turned the tables on Democrats by pointing out who the real source of misinformation is.

While Dr. Fauci complained about misinformation, public health officials like him were the biggest source of misinformation during the pandemic.

Jordan will have the chance to keep tormenting Democrats if Republicans retake the house this fall. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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