Jim Jordan asked a Justice Department watchdog to investigate awful FBI abuse allegations

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The rampant politicization in the FBI’s leadership has been exposed by whistleblowers. 

Now the bureau is closing ranks ahead of the 2024 Election.

And Jim Jordan asked a Justice Department watchdog to investigate awful FBI abuse allegations. 

FBI targeting agents based on the support of Donald Trump and Second Amendment 

The FBI launched its largest criminal investigation in history after January 6 against supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Patriotic grandmas were getting the hammer dropped on them by the FBI for fake crimes like parading. 

Now the FBI is going after Trump supporters inside the bureau.

An FBI whistleblower came forward to watchdog group Empower Oversight about how he lost his security clearance – a necessity to do the job – because of his political beliefs.

Agents with the FBI Security Division began questioning his co-workers about his views on Trump, the Second Amendment, and vaccines in 2022.

The FBI whistleblower lost his security clearance months after his co-workers were interviewed about him.

He didn’t have any kind of disciplinary issues that would warrant losing his security clearance.

The FBI whistleblower’s support for Trump and the Second Amendment wasn’t pertinent to his security clearance.

Jim Jordan wants an investigation into the FBI targeting conservative agents

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to open an investigation into the FBI for targeting agents for their political views.

And he sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray over the alarming situation.

“The FBI appears to be purging itself of employees who do not share its preferred political views,” Jordan wrote in a letter to the Inspector General.

The Inspector General is an office in the Justice Department independent from Attorney General Merrick Garland’s control to conduct internal oversight of the bureau.

Jordan called the FBI’s investigation into the pro-Trump agent “frightening” during an appearance on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

“Particularly when they’re asking about fundamental liberties, your constitutional rights, I mean, that is that is frightening stuff,” Jordan said. “And then you couple that with the retaliation, so they’re asking these questions that determine whether you get a security clearance and then, if we have a whistleblower who comes forward, and tells us they get retaliated against.”

“So you put all that together, and you talk about politics, driving, what happens there,” Jordan added.

Jordan told the Inspector General that it was alarming that an FBI agent could be targeted for their political beliefs.

The Ohio lawmaker noted that conservative watchdog Judicial Watch uncovered evidence that the FBI was retaliating against whistleblowers who came forward to Congress.

“Documents appear to show how an FBI official disclosed nonpublic information about FBI whistleblowers to a Democrat Member of the Select Subcommittee in advance of a Select Subcommittee hearing at which the whistleblowers were scheduled to testify publicly about FBI misconduct,” Jordan wrote to Horowitz.

Jordan said the FBI was trying to discredit the internal whistleblowers who spoke out against the bureau.

And he informed FBI Director Wary that none of this information was relevant to a security clearance.

The FBI’s top priority has become targeting Trump supporters inside and outside the bureau.

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