Jill Biden will pump her fist after scoring this coup in the Biden family’s bid to cling to power

After the debate last Thursday, Democrats have started to consider replacing Joe Biden.

Biden and his family now have to pull out all of the stops to hold onto power.

And Jill Biden will pump her fist after scoring this coup in the Biden family’s bid to cling to power.

The Biden campaign just got a major boost in this crucial swing state

Since last week’s debate, polls show that Donald Trump has a considerable edge against Joe Biden, sending Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and the Biden political machine into a panic.

Donald Trump has an even more significant lead in several key swing states such as Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and Nevada.

If Donald Trump wins those four states, he would likely just have to win one other swing state such as Pennsylvania.

Polls show that Donald Trump has a slight edge in the Keystone State. However, a recent move in Philadelphia just gave Joe Biden a major boost.

The Philadelphia City Commissioners just announced that it would dump $1.4 million to fight so-called “election misinformation.”

More specifically, the city of Philadelphia intends to hire an outside marketing firm, which Philadelphia policymakers hope will connect with voters to combat “misinformation.”

This move comes just days after the Supreme Court handed Democrats a major victory in the high-profile Murthy v Missouri case.

With the help of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the Supreme Court ruled that the plaintiffs did not present enough evidence of damages from Biden and the Democrats’ extensive censorship apparatus, which weaponized government against Americans by colluding with non-government actors, such as Big Tech platforms, to skate around the First Amendment protections.

This decision may have opened the floodgates for Democrat-controlled states and cities, such as Philadelphia, to dump taxpayer dollars into so-called “misinformation” prevention programs, thinning even further the varnish of the notion that government actors are somehow not violating Americans’ First Amendment rights because they “ask” supposedly “private” entities to drop the ax.

The Left’s crusade to control online speech is not contained to radical policymakers in democrat-controlled parts of America.

Following the Murthy decision, Big Tech companies raced to issue updates to their political content policies.

Google – the world’s largest search provider – announced that it would regulate “altered or synthetic content,” requiring disclosures on content flagged as such.

That has alarm bells ringing for many American voters as it seemingly opens the door for entities like firms contracted under Philadelphia’s program to flag for censorship any content lacking a disclosure that they deem “misinformation.”

Karine Jean-Pierre signaled the play with “cheap fakes” excuse for Biden gaffes

Just recently, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre labeled real videos of Joe Biden committing embarrassing gaffes as “cheap fakes,” showing that many on the Left will not think twice before labeling legitimate content as fake.

For many Americans, the Murthy decision demonstrated that Democrats’censorship apparatus would not end anytime soon.

Big Tech’s recent policy updates combined with new election programs like Philadelphia’s certainly appear to represent the steps left-wing entities have taken in order to ensure Donald Trump is not elected to a second term.

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