Jill Biden cost a conservative veteran his job for this absolutely insane reason

The Biden Crime Family can’t stand anyone criticizing them.

They’ve weaponized the federal government to target their critics.

Now Dr. Biden has cost a conservative veteran his job for this absolutely insane reason.

The Bidens are one of the most vain, petty families to ever occupy the White House.

While Joe gets most of the attention, the Biden matriarch, Jill, is no exception.

Controversy broke out last year after First Lady Jill insisted on using the pompous title of “Dr.” despite the fact she has a doctorate in education.

Her allies in the corporate-controlled quickly came to her defense attacking anyone questioning her use of the title.

After speaking out against the ridiculous idea of calling Jill a doctor in a Wall Street Journal editorial, Joseph Epstein was canceled by Northwestern University where he was lecturer.

Jill is just as thin skinned as Joe when it comes to criticism.

Now a retired three-star Army general had the hammer dropped on him over a social media post directed towards Jill.

Retired Lt. Gen. Gary Volesky had a decorated career in the military earning the prestigious Silver Star for valor in combat in Iraq and eventually leading the famed 101st Airborne Division.

After retiring, Volesky served as a contractor with the Army advising and mentoring the next generation of officers.

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the Left went crazy over the fact abortion on demand would be coming to an end in some states.

Jill Biden took to social media to whine that the Supreme Court had “stolen” women’s rights.

“For nearly 50 years, women have had the right to make our own decisions about our bodies,” Jill said. “Today, that right was stolen from us.”

“And while we may be devastated by this injustice, we will not be silent. We will not sit back as the progress we have already won slips away,” she concluded.

General Volesky replied, “Glad to see you finally know what a woman is.”

Volesky’s social media post in reference to the Left’s push for transgenderism was deleted but the damage was already done.

He was suspended from his job with the Army as contractor for his reply as part of an ongoing inquiry.

“Lt. Gen. Theodore Martin, commanding general of the Combined Arms Center, has suspended retired Lt. Gen. Gary Volesky from performing duties as a Highly Qualified Expert — Senior Mentor pending the outcome of the commander’s inquiry,” the Army told Fox News.

The trans mob and wokeness are trying to take every aspect of society and, under Joe Biden, they’ve succeeded in the military.

Democrats are so wrapped up in the trans insanity that asking them to define what a woman is leaves them seething with rage.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) asked then Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson to define the word woman.

Brown Jackson said she couldn’t because she’s “not a biologist.”

Asking the Left to define what a woman is exposes the absurdity of the trans movement, so they’re trying to shut down anyone who asks the question.

General Volesky’s ridiculous suspension confirms that Jill Biden will stoop to any low to silence the Bidens’ critics.  

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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