Jen Psaki’s replacement just got one piece of news about the new job that will make you sick

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been the top mouthpiece for Joe Biden since he took office.

As Psaki’s departure looms, questions about her replacement have gone unanswered.

But now Jen Psaki’s replacement just got one piece of news about the new job that will make you sick.

Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has inside info on the White House Press Secretary gig – after all he’s the father of former Trump administration Press Secretary  Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

He recently opened his show with news about who Jen Psaki’s replacement in the Biden administration might be.

While Psaki’s replacement as top Biden administration mouthpiece has yet to be revealed, there’s one thing whoever it ends up being won’t have to worry about – getting the right “inclusive” terms in their press releases.

That’s because Google is rolling out its most woke, social justice feature yet for its word processing product. 

Google has launched its new “inclusive language” function for Google Docs, intended to steer users away from what the developers deem to be politically incorrect words and phrases when typing.

Like a woke spellchecker, apparently if you write, “mankind,” users will be asked if they would like to change it to “humankind,” to be more inclusive and avoid gender bias? 

According to the New York Post, an algorithm will be used to alert Google Doc users that what they wrote “may not be inclusive to all readers.” 

It then goes the extra mile to suggest more inclusive alternatives. 

“Assisted writing uses language understanding models, which rely on millions of common phrases and sentences to automatically learn how people communicate,” a Google spokesman said. “This also means they can reflect some human cognitive biases. “Our technology is always improving, and we don’t yet (and may never) have a complete solution to identifying and mitigating all unwanted word associations and biases.”

You read that right, Google is trying to erase “unwanted words associations and biases.” 

But who is to decide what language is unwanted? 

Reporters with Vice put that question to the test. 

Martin Luther King Jr’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech was flagged for the use of the word “fierce,” – Google suggested the civil rights champion should have instead used the word “intense.” 

The problem Google has with “fierce” is anyone’s guess.  

Likewise, President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address failed Google’s inclusivity test.

You see, President Kennedy used the phrase “for all mankind” when he SHOULD have said “for all humankind.”

Even the infallible Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount couldn’t please the new Google Doc feature. 

It seems Jesus’ use of the word “marvelous” wasn’t very inclusive – Google would have preferred he went with “lovely.” 

On the other hand, according to Vice, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke scored higher inclusivity marks than MLK Jr., JFK and Jesus. 

Vice reporters inserted into Google Docs a transcript of an interview Duke gave, where he uses the n-word and made many other derogatory comments about black people. 

Not a single red flag popped up. 

It would seem the Silicon Valley titans want to not only control speech, but think everyone should be following the lead of David Duke instead of Jesus Christ.

Which isn’t surprising considering the Left’s embrace of the “problematic” Azov Battalion fighting in Ukraine.

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