Jen Psaki struggled to defend Kamala Harris when a reporter asked this question

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is horrible at her job.

And amid a growing number of Democrat scandals, the Biden administration needs her to excel like never before.

But Jen Psaki struggled to defend Kamala Harris when a reporter asked this question.

At a recent press conference, Jen Psaki was asked an uncomfortable question by Kristin Fisher, a Fox News correspondent, about Kamala Harris.

Harris is usually very vocal about listening to women, and claimed she believed Christine Blasey Ford’s ridiculous accusations against Brett Kavanaugh when she was a Senator.

But Kristin Fisher wanted to know why Kamala Harris didn’t condemn New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for alleged sexual misconduct against three women, and asked Psaki this:

[Harris] said repeatedly, ‘I believe them, the women,’ but she hasn’t said anything about the three women who are accusing Governor Andrew Cuomo, and now this third accuser, Anna Ruch, she actually worked for the Harris campaign. So, at what point is the first female Vice President going to say something about this?”

Psaki claimed that she could speak for Harris, and responded as follows:

“I know that’s how the Vice President continues to feel, I can certainly speak on behalf of the President and the Vice President, and so let me reiterate that they both believe that every woman coming forward should be heard, should be treated with dignity, and treated with respect.”

This didn’t satisfy Fisher.

“It’s one thing to hear it from you, and it’s appreciated, but it’s another thing to hear it from the Vice President or the President himself.”

Psaki responded how she always does – she dodged the question and reiterated that she was “speaking on their behalf.”

It is interesting that neither Biden or Harris have appeared in front of the press for an unscripted press conference in the past few months.

This makes sense in the President’s case, since he is increasingly unable to make a statement without fumbling, but why would Harris be hidden from the press? 

That’s a legitimate question Psaki should be pushed to answer considering Harris will likely be the next President if Biden is forced to resign in his first term.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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