Jen Psaki is shaking mad this lawsuit could end up causing her to leave NBC

Despite his short time in office, some Biden staff veterans couldn’t wait to move on with their lives well before even the two-year mark. 

But Jen Psaki’s time in the White House is threatening to come back to haunt her. 

And she is shaking mad this lawsuit could end up causing her to leave NBC.

Jen Psaki’s entire job within the Biden administration was to make a fool of herself trying to explain away Joe Biden’s increasingly bizarre behavior and disastrous policy decisions.

Yet, she still somehow seemed to pull it off and make herself more popular than her boss. 

Of course, the moment she had a chance the president’s main mouthpiece split in a heartbeat for what she’s hoping is a several decades long stint as a well-paid talking head as a member of the corporate-controlled media. 

GOP AGs name Psaki in lawsuit for colluding with Big Tech to violate Americans freedom of speech

But now some Republican state Attorneys General are messing with her peace of mind as they stir up one massive scandal—and the information emerging is absolutely riveting. 

As White House Press Secretary, Psaki wasn’t merely cleaning up after Biden’s messes, she also played a key role in enabling Evil-Scientist-in-Chief Dr. Anthony Fauci.

 Now Fauci, who is the highest paid US Federal Government employee, has Louisiana and Missouri’s Attorneys General on his case—along with several other plaintiffs.

And as the Republican led group works to get Fauci fired before he can quit they’re also exposing the misdeeds of nine other top Biden administration members including Psaki. 

The high-profile legal team has managed to dig up evidence of collusion between Big Tech and Big Government to silence citizens. 

The group recently filed a motion asking to be able to depose Fauci, Psaki, FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Deputy Assistant to the President Rob Flaherty, and Chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Digital Media Branch Carol Crawford. 

Biden administration officials sought to cover up illegal censorship requests largely by communicating orally

Those pressing charges say what’s been uncovered so far “makes very clear that federal officials have frequently engaged in their most telling and probative communications with social media companies orally, not in writing.”

The idea that top Biden administration officials were involved in a deliberate coverup has quickly emerged through their ongoing investigative work. 

“Perhaps not surprisingly, the more senior the federal official involved, the more likely they appear to have been to rely on oral, rather than written, communications to pressure social-media platforms to censor,” the plaintiff’s added in a statement. 

“Fauci was also in touch with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg,” The Epoch Times reported. “Although the content of oral communications between the two ‘is yet to be revealed,’ the new filing, dated Oct. 14, says.”

Those who put the case together are itching to get Fauci under oat for the first time so they can grill him about exactly why he just happened to be chatting with social media companies right when he had everything to hide. 

And this is only the beginning when it comes to uncovering everything rotten in Washington D.C. 

Originally the plaintiffs wanted to depose 20 administration officials, but cut back to 10 under duress. 

No doubt, loads more information will come out in due time. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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