Jen Psaki is fighting like hell to stay out of court regarding one serious issue

Jen Psaki jumped off the Biden administration’s sinking ship.

She’s off to greener pastures at MSNBC.

But Psaki is fighting like hell to stay out of court regarding one serious issue.

Like so many others within the D.C. Swamp, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is transitioning from her role in the Biden administration to a role as a Democratic flak on MSNBC.

But she might have some explaining to do regarding the Biden White House’s coercion of Big Tech platforms to silence certain voices.

Psaki says she can’t respond to subpoena over censorship collusion because of new show

ReclaimTheNet reported that “Jen Psaki, the former White House press secretary, and Department of Justice (DOJ) are fighting a subpoena requiring her to testify in the lawsuit filed by Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general – alleging that the Biden administration colluded with social media platforms to censor certain viewpoints on the pandemic. The motion to quash the subpoena was filed in a federal court in Virginia. It argues that the deposition would be ‘extremely burdensome’ for Psaki, who is preparing to be the host of a new show on MSNBC.”

So Psaki is attempting to weasel out of the subpoena because she’s super busy preparing for her cable news show.

Looks like the investigation into fascistic collusion will have to wait.

Psaki wrote in a statement, “Among other things, I understand that I would need to devote several days preparing for the deposition, as well as attending the deposition itself, and that would be highly disruptive to both my work and my family.”

That seems like an incredibly ridiculous argument for getting out of a subpoena of such significance.

ReclaimTheNet added that “Psaki has in the past admitted that the Biden administration was flagging people’s speech to social media platforms. The DOJ argued that Psaki’s deposition would result in a debate over executive privilege considering she was a top adviser to President Joe Biden.”

Unsurprisingly, the Department of Justice intervened on Psaki’s behalf.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has proven himself deeply corrupt, so he is 100% a Democratic Party team player.

The DOJ wrote in a statement, “If permitted to proceed, the deposition of Ms. Psaki would inevitably set the Executive and Judicial Branches ‘on a collision course’ through adjudications of executive privilege, thrusting the court into ‘the awkward position of evaluating the Executive’s claims of confidentiality and autonomy,’ and ‘difficult questions of separation of powers and checks and balances’ would quickly be pushed to the fore. Plaintiffs have not identified any evidence showing or even suggesting that Ms. Psaki ever communicated with any social-media company in her capacity as Press Secretary about misinformation, much less that she ‘exercised coercive power’ to compel a social-media company to take any action.”

Revelations about the federal government’s pressure campaign on Big Tech platforms are jaw-dropping, but not surprising to any conservative who has been paying attention over the past few years.

Psaki and the Democrats have a lot to answer for.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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