Jeffrey Epstein’s pals are quaking with fear at this banned account’s first post after being reinstated on Twitter

For years, the far-Left has had an iron grip on Big Tech and social media, but now it looks like the tide is turning. 

And some elites are going to have a much harder time keeping a lid on their sick scandals.

So now Jeffrey Epstein’s pals are quaking with fear at this banned account’s first post after being reinstated on Twitter.

Some corrupt elites could have reason to do more than just fume after one of Elon Musk’s most recent moves at Twitter.

Sicko elites really aren’t going to be happy about one recent move from Elon Musk

After years of implementing pro-censorship policies, many Big Tech companies are in serious economic trouble. 

But Elon Musk has made some major changes at Twitter after taking over the company, including reserving some high-profile bans which were targeted toward conservative organizations and individuals. 

One organization that was banned by Twitter in 2021 was the prolific watchdog group, Project Veritas. 

Project Veritas was banned on Twitter after running an expose on major media companies like CNN and Twitter. 

But thanks to Elon Musk, Project Veritas is back on Twitter, and Project Veritas did not hold back their appreciation for Musk in their triumphant return tweet. 

Unbanning accounts like Project Veritas’ – and most notably Donald Trump’s Twitter account –  is a major step in the right direction and helps to undo some of the damage the old Twitter regime did to American democracy. 

While Trump has yet to return to Twitter despite his account being reinstated, Project Veritas was quick to return to the platform.

The Project Veritas account tweeted “Thank you @ElonMusk for reinstating the Project Veritas Twitter account and for standing up for real investigative journalism.  Stay tuned for an exclusive on this account 11/29 – A brave whistleblower inside the federal government is going on the record about child trafficking.” 

Project Veritas is by no means an extremist organization, and the work they do has gone a long way to uncover the evils of the radical Left. 

Twitter hits new user high

Leftists continue to insist that Musk’s changes and the new free speech friendly regime at Twitter will kill the platform.

But while a coalition of leftist groups linked to Hillary Clinton and George Soros among others have gone after Twitter’s advertisers, the platform itself is breaking user records.

Hopefully, users will continue to reward the platform for reversing course on the old management’s draconian censorship policies.

If so, advertisers will likely catch on so long as Musk can keep the company afloat in the meantime.

And that will send a clear message to other Big Tech platforms that banning conservative organizations for being conservative is simply unacceptable. 

The Left loves to claim that democracy is under attack, yet any time somebody publishes something that does not align with their radical worldview, they call on them to be silenced. 

For years, those on the Left have done irreparable harm to the very concept of free speech, and these moves by Musk are just a small step in the right direction. 

Allowing those with differing viewpoints to speak should not be a radical move, yet the Left is acting as if Elon Musk committed some horrible crime.

Free speech is an integral part of American democracy, and if free speech is not protected then it is impossible to claim that America is a real democracy. 

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see what Project Veritas does with its reclaimed Twitter account. 

And hopefully, this is just the beginning of a new era of free speech on Twitter. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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