Jeff Bezos is trying to cancel Ben Shapiro with this jaw-dropping move

Ben Shapiro destroys the radical Left with facts and logic.

They’re furious he’s getting the upper hand.

And Jeff Bezos is trying to cancel him with this jaw-dropping move.

Ben Shapiro drives the Left crazy with his ability to connect with younger Americans.

He’s a frequent speaker on college campuses where he punches holes in the Left’s absurd logic.

Now, he’s building a growing conservative media company with The Daily Wire.

Even with censorship and manipulation against conservatives on Facebook, The Daily Wire and Shapiro’s content has been some of best performing on the platform.

The Left is desperate to stop his growing online success.

Jeff Bezos’s personal blog—The Washington Post—sent out the signal for Big Tech to drop the hammer on Shapiro and his company.

So the Bezos-owned Washington Post, wrote an article slamming The Daily Wire for its opposition to vaccine mandates. 

Shapiro opposes mandates but believes taking the vaccine is up to the individual.

The WaPo headline read, “These vaccine skeptics are outperforming news outlets on Facebook, Twitter, study finds.”

The article complained that Daily Wire content opposing vaccine mandates was outperforming the corporate-controlled media outlets like The Washington Post.

They outsourced their attacks to leftists groups to smear The Daily Wire.

A liberal “fact checker”, NewsGuard—which is owned by Bill Gates’ Microsoft—was cited saying the site “published unsubstantiated and inaccurate claims about COVID-19.”

The Daily Wire’s success on Facebook was “propelled by Anti-Vaccine Messaging” according to a German think tank. 

Using guilt by association, the article complained about vaccine “misinformation” on social media mentioning a site run by vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. while also discussing The Daily Wire.

Kennedy is despised by the Fauci cult for his opposition to the COVID vaccine.

He’s been ruthlessly censored on social media for his anti-vaccine stances.

Using Kennedy in the article reveals The Washington Post—and Jeff Bezos’—true intent of the article.

By putting Daily Wire and Kennedy in the same article they’re sending the signal for Big Tech to come after Shapiro.

Anything related to so-called vaccine misinformation has been censored or banned off of the major Big Tech platforms.

Lumping Shapiro’s opposition to vaccine mandates with a heavily-censored vaccine skeptic in a corporate-controlled media source could be all the trigger-happy censors in Big Tech need to take him down.

The Washington Post is furious that even though they’re owned by Tech Titan Jeff Bezos, Conservative upstart Ben Shapiro’s company is beating them in engagement on Facebook.

Shapiro was quick to call out The Washington Post’s game on social media.

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