Jeff Bezos is biting off all of his fingernails after this right-leaning businessman bought one of his competitors

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is using his fortune to prop up a dying legacy newspaper. 

Bezos’ Washington Post routinely turns out biased articles that promote woke propaganda and target those who oppose the Left’s faulty narrative. 

But now Bezos is biting off all his fingernails after finding out he has some new competition coming from his right-leaning counterpart. 

Woke corporations putting politics over profits 

Billionaire leftist Jeff Bezos purchased the failing Washington Post back in 2013. 

Since then, he’s used his Amazon money to keep the struggling dinosaur “news” agency afloat. 

In the meantime, the Washington Post continues to peddle left-wing lies meant to further the woke agenda and lift Democrats over Republicans. 

However, there’s now a conservative billionaire who is not only taking a page out of Bezos’ book but also flipping it. 

And he’s doing it less than an hour up the I-95 from Bezos’ gaslighting media empire. 

The Baltimore Sun is now under new ownership

David Smith has purchased the left-wing rag, the Baltimore Sun. 

Smith is no newcomer to the media game – he’s already the owner of Sinclair Media Group. 

Smith is also not a novice when it comes to the political game. 

Sinclair Media has given former President Donald Trump fair coverage. 

Smith also has a history of donating to conservative organizations like Moms for Liberty and Project Veritas back when James O’Keefe still ran the undercover investigative group. 

Smith’s business partner in the venture, entrepreneur Armstrong Williams, says he and Smith plan on calling balls and strikes right down the middle. 

Meanwhile, Smith is reported to be a fan of WBFF Fox 45 – a Sinclair-owned channel.  

The station is known for investigative reports that serve as a watchdog over the Baltimore government via its hard-hitting Project Baltimore and City in Crisis series. 

Sun reporters already stabbing their new boss in the back 

Predictably, the new ownership and new vision for the paper isn’t sitting well with the Sun’s existing crew of leftists. 

In fact, someone from the staff ran to the cross-town competitor, the left-wing outlet the Baltimore Banner, and leaked details from Smith’s staff meeting. 

“The in-person meeting ran nearly three hours and was full of tense exchanges, people at the meeting said,” the Banner reported. “Smith was noncommittal about both the long-term continuation of a print edition and retention of current staff.”

The leaker also told the Banner that Smith allegedly tried to “pit reporters against each other,” simply by asking them who was the best in the newsroom. 

Of course, the activist reporters want to continue spreading their brand of woke propaganda. 

“Reporters repeatedly pressed Smith for answers about whether they would continue public service journalism that didn’t necessarily translate to page views or subscriptions,” the Banner reported. “Smith maintained he was focused on money.”

What a crime – Smith wants the paper to focus on news and reporting what citizens find interesting and informative enough to purchase. 

The Banner went on to bash Sinclair’s flagship WBFF – which has captured national attention for exposing rot within the Baltimore government and schools. 

“Clad in a suit, Smith spoke glowingly of Fox45,” the Banner reported. The news station…regularly conducts unscientific online polls — with results that are likely not representative of the region — to gauge viewer interest.”

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