JD Vance just went to war with the Biden administration over one issue

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Joe Biden and the Democrats have been attacking American freedoms.

They’re chipping away at fundamental rights piece by piece.

And JD Vance just went to war with the Biden administration over one issue.

There still has not been a reckoning over the damage done to the country by the COVID regime.

People’s livelihoods were threatened for not going along with all the whims of the so-called experts.

But Ohio Senator JD Vance added one amendment to a Senate bill that would ban federal mask mandates on public transportation.

Authoritarians grabbed a lot of power that must be unwound

Vance said, “This is a massive victory for personal freedom in this country…We saw countless abuses of authority throughout the COVID pandemic, and the American people were justifiably enraged by unscientific mask mandates. Today, the United States Senate took an emphatic step toward common sense and individual liberty. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished here and look forward to continuing the fight.”

Airlines had nonsensical masking policies that permitted people taking off their masks while they were eating or drinking.

Airplanes have HEPA filters that cycle clean air into the cabin, thus the masks were simply theater.

Vance continued, “It is narrowly scoped…It applies for the next 11 months and applies to transportation cases. And I think it is reasonable to not ask the American people to reenter the era of mask mandates. My amendment does that.”

The excesses of the COVID regime could have been significantly worse had Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

You can’t just hope they won’t activate emergency authorities they seized again . . . active measures are required to undo these power grabs

However, the conservative majority on the court struck down Joe Biden’s OSHA mandate that required every employer with more than 50 employees to require workers to get the COVID vaccine.

Some mouthpieces for the COVID regime eventually spoke up and called out some of the illogical policies.

Former Planned Parenthood director Dr. Leana Wen wrote in an op-ed, “I accept the risk that my kids will probably contract covid-19 this school year, just as they could contract the flu, respiratory syncytial virus and other contagious diseases. As for most Americans, covid in our family will almost certainly be mild; and, like most Americans, we’ve made the decision that following precautions strict enough to prevent the highly contagious BA.5 will be very challenging. Masking has harmed our son’s language development, and limiting both kids’ extracurriculars and social interactions would negatively affect their childhood and hinder my and my husband’s ability to work.”

Yet some public institutions tried to argue that masking did not hinder childhood development, despite decades of social science.

Vance’s proposal is a step in the direction of unwinding the COVID madness of the past few years.

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