Jaws hit the floor when Ron DeSantis made this shocking statement about Big Tech

The Left can’t tolerate dissenting voices.

But a titanic struggle is underway that threatens to change everything for their control.

So, jaws hit the floor when Ron DeSantis made this shocking statement about Big Tech.

Elon Musk’s battle to take control of Twitter is heating up.

After he made his initial purchase of a 9.1% stake in the tech giant, the pushback began.

The Left and the corporate-controlled media panicked at the possibility of free speech returning to the platform.

To stop Musk’s takeover, the company’s board adopted a poison pill.

The poison pill would allow institutional Twitter shareholders to buy additional shares of the company at a discounted price and drive down the value of Musk’s initial purchase to dilute his original stake.

Presumably, that would fend off a hostile takeover of the company by him.

But Musk has upped the ante, with a bigger offer.

He still wants to buy Twitter and make it a private company – so he introduced his “Plan B” offer of $46.5-Billion. 

And Musk got an unexpected ally in his battle to gain control of Twitter.

Ron DeSantis is trying to get into the fight on the side of Musk.

The State of Florida is a shareholder in Twitter through various public pension funds.

After Twitter used the poison pill to try to shut down Musk, the Florida governor weighed in.

DeSantis said his administration “was looking at ways the State of Florida potentially can be holding these Twitter board of directors accountable for breaching their fiduciary duty.”

Twitter’s stock price had been stagnant for the last decade before news of Musk’s takeover bid.

His initial offer to take the company private stood at $54.20 per share which was 20% higher than the stock price at the time.

Under the law, companies have a legal responsibility or “fiduciary duty” to get the best possible returns for their investors.

Musk offered over market value to buy the company.

“I don’t want to expend resources just to kind of be able to send out a press release or something. I mean, we really want to feel like we have a solid theory to be able to win,” DeSantis said.

“But I can tell you just looking at it, most of the time the people I talk to would say if you’re on the board in that situation, you really do need to sell. It’s a massive return for your shareholders. I mean, most people and their investment vehicles are not making 20% in a year,” he added.

DeSantis unloaded on Twitter’s blatantly political moves to stop Musk.

“They rejected it because they know they can’t control Elon Musk,” he said.

“They know that he will not accept the narrative and that their little play toy of Twitter, it would not be used to enforce orthodoxy, and to basically prop up the regime and these failed legacy media outlets,” he added.

DeSantis could help potentially strike a blow against Big Tech censorship.

It remains to be seen what happens but with DeSantis joining the fight, the battle for control of Twitter took a major twist. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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