Jaws hit the floor when CNN revealed this shock truthing about Joe Biden’s latest censorship scheme

CNN is the most trusted name in fake news.

Even they can’t believe some of Joe Biden’s appalling schemes.

And jaws hit the floor when they revealed this shocking truth about Biden’s latest censorship scheme.

Joe Biden has been hell-bent on muzzling critics of his failing regime.

His Department of Homeland Security created the Orwellian-titled “Disinformation Governance Board” to combat so-called “misinformation” from being spread online.

Biden has created his own version of the Ministry of Truth from 1984 to target conservatives under the flimsy pretext of fighting “disinformation” or speech the Left doesn’t like.

The move is an unprecedented attack on Americans’ First Amendment rights by a President who swore to defend the Constitution.

Predictably, Biden put a leftist hack, Nina Jankowicz, in charge of this chilling new effort.

She’s a Deep State-affiliated bureaucrat who’s made a career out of promoting political censorship from the government and Big Tech to various leftist outlets. 

Jankowicz claims to be an expert in online misinformation but conveniently ignores the massive amount of actual misinformation she’s championed.

She supported the Russia Collusion Hoax and said that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian misinformation.”

Putting her in charge of this new Ministry of Truth is a transparent ploy to target Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.

Jankowicz is such an obvious political hack that Fake Jake Tapper of CNN called her out during a panel discussion. 

“Republicans are specifically criticizing the woman who’s going to head this office, Nina Jankowicz. Who if you look at her Tweets, I have to say, her reaction to Christopher Steele has been credulous, believing him,” Tapper said.

Christopher Steele created the bogus dossier, which was trumpeted as truth by the Left, that launched the Russian Collusion Hoax against President Trump.

“The reaction to the Hunter Biden story. There does seem to be a partisan interpretation of various forms of information or misinformation,” he added.

Jankowicz’s support of two of the biggest pieces of misinformation in modern history is enough to raise Jake Tapper’s suspicion. 

If he’s going on CNN to call her out as a partisan hack, it shows what an obvious political stunt to silence conservatives this move is.

Even one of the biggest leftist hacks on CNN, Kassie Hunt, criticized the choice of Jankowicz.

While she was supportive of the Ministry of Truth, she subtly admitted how big of leftist flunky Biden appointed. 

“It should be civil servants that are essentially very careful about their public personas,” Hunt commented.

“Their messaging is bungled and I don’t their choice of a leader has helped,” she explained.

When a Biden-worshipping outlet like CNN is saying Jankowicz is a biased political hack it shows that Biden isn’t even pretending to be fair with the Disinformation Governance Board. 

Biden crossed a line bright enough that even the dishonest leftists at CNN can see it for what it is.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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