January 6th defendant just made one shocking decision

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The Democrats and their media allies have kept the Capitol Hill riot front and center.

They want to hang the riot around Donald Trump’s neck.

And a January 6th defendant just made one shocking decision.

The Democrats have hyped up January 6th as a day worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

Their hysterical rhetoric has contributed to unfathomable treatment of many J6 defendants.

And now one of the defendants who was sentenced to 14 years is on the lam.

Christopher Worrell, a member of the Proud Boys, was found guilty on seven charges including pepper-spraying a police officer during the Capitol Hill riot.

The Blaze reported that “Worrell had been on house arrest since November, 2021, when federal judge Royce Lamberth — who also presided over Worrell’s criminal trial — found that Worrell had been deprived of his rights by prison officials in D.C. Lamberth determined that those officials had willfully delayed treatment for Worrell’s broken hand and his non-Hodgkins lymphoma, found them in contempt, and ordered Worrell released to house arrest…However, Worrell did not show up for his sentencing and has apparently disappeared, along with the woman who was listed as his custodian during house arrest.”

Is D.C. the difference? 

Worrell, who is reportedly a member of the Proud Boys, engaged in violence so he deserved to be punished, but the unequal application of the law is quite stark.

For instance, during the 2020 riots that dragged on for months, Antifa terrorists in Portland firebombed a federal courthouse nightly and used lasers to try and blind police officers.

None of them were treated like the J6 defendants.

Meanwhile, one prominent J6 figure remains a free man: Ray Epps.

Epps was the mystery man caught on camera multiple times urging Trump supporters to “go into the Capitol!”

The crowd balked and called him a “fed.”

On January 6th, Epps was at the gate when the breach occurred.

He is on video whispering into the ear of J6 defendant Ryan Samsel, who charged through the barricade almost immediately after.

Epps claimed that he told Samsel to calm down and Samsel corroborated that claim during an FBI interrogation.

Which version is true?

But now that Samsel has been held in jail for 30 months without a trial, seemingly in violation of federal law, he has changed his story.

Samsel told journalist Julie Kelly, “[Epps] said to me, ‘Don’t pull. I’ve got people. We have to push through.’”

It’s impossible to know what was actually said, but that seems to jibe with the video; Samsel is seen nodding after Epps whispers in his ear.

If Epps had told him to calm down, it’s strange that Samsel would nod, then immediately breach.

Samsel also told Kelly, “[Prosecutors] are protecting [Epps] like crazy.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.


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