James O’Keefe just blocked Mark Cuban’s latest DEI “dunk” attempt right back into the Mav’s owner’s face

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Mark Cuban has never been shy about sharing his political opinions.

However, as of late, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks has had a single-minded obsession with gaslighting Americans about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI). 

But now James O’Keefe is blocking Cuban’s latest supposed “DEI dunk” right back into the outspoken owner’s face. 

James O’Keefe vs. Mark Cuban 

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban can’t seem to stop talking about his love of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) and how proud he is to have instituted it into his businesses. 

According to Cuban, DEI makes businesses better. 

Recently he’s debated the Babylon Bee’s Ashley St. Clair, OMG’s James O’Keefe, and even Twitter owner Elon Musk about the virtue of DEI. 

Musk famously dunked on Cuban – since he is such a fan of DEI and it makes everything better — by asking when fans can expect to see a short Asian female suiting up for the Mavs. 

Cuban didn’t think it was funny. 

And he found even less humor when O’Keefe decided to stop by for a chat with the billionaire during a workout. 

Mark Cuban defends Big Pharma 

O’Keefe is famous for his undercover, hidden camera reports – he’s been doing it for decades now at the expense of groups like Acorn, Planned Parenthood, and more recently, Pfizer.

Mark Cuban is the latest person O’Keefe has caught on video saying things he likely wishes he hadn’t. 

As you can see in the above video, O’Keefe very conveniently happened to go for a workout at the same gym and at the same time as Cuban. 

O’Keefe approached the tech entrepreneur and made a joke about Musk’s comment about DEI on the basketball court. 

Cuban lashes out in a rage.

 “You lied out your ass about Pfizer,” Cuban said. “Only a f***ing moron thinks DEI has to do with quotas.”

First of all, it’s ironic Cuban is defending Pfizer when his Twitter profile reads, “dunking on the pharma industry with Cost Plus Drugs, the lowest prices on meds anywhere.”

But worse yet for Cuban, when O’Keefe asked him for examples of how he lied about Pfizer, the Shark Tank host stuttered and stammered. 

The best he could come up with was saying Pfizer was “meeting” about mutating the COVID virus, they hadn’t actually done it. 

Mark Cuban lies about DEI 

However, while Cuban was playing fast and loose with facts about O’Keefe’s reporting on Pfizer, he did the same when it came to DEI. 

Cuban says DEI is about hiring the best people for the position and not “quotas.”  

It’s not. 

That’s a meritocracy – or the system DEI seeks to replace. 

DEI is about having a “diverse” workforce at all costs – and then changing the company culture to acquiesce to the culture of the supposed “oppressed communities” it hires. 

The entire idea of DEI is that hiring women and people who aren’t white makes your company better. 

Look at Disney and United Airlines, who’ve both instituted goals of 50% hires of non-straight, white males. 

Is that not a “quota” all about checking identity politics boxes? 

Mark Cuban tries to destroy the evidence 

But Cuban wasn’t done making himself look bad. 

Once he found himself unable to form logical arguments to counter O’Keefe, he grew agitated. 

“Where’s your camera at,” he frantically inquired. 

In a far-left dictator-like move, Cuban’s trainer then grabbed a nearby guest’s shirt, seized their iPhone, and deleted the footage. 

However, he didn’t realize that O’Keefe had hidden cameras set up to capture Cuban’s tirade and gaslighting efforts on camera. 

Musk – who has recently suggested that he and Cuban might settle their differences with fisticuffs in the octagon – commented on O’Keefe’s post, chiming in with six simple words that can’t sit well with Cuban. 

“Mark Cuban is such a tool,” Musk tweeted. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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