James Comer is outraged after these damning memos leak to the public

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The system of checks and balances established in the United States Constitution are essential to preserving the three co-equal branches of government.

Having said that, Joe Biden and his cronies face a barrage of allegations, claiming that they have abused their executive powers to not just check other branches of government but rather to undermine them.

And James Comer is outraged after these damning memos leak to the public.

The Department of Justice’s latest alleged scheme could be their most shocking abuse of power to date

In a small period of time the size and scope of the federal government has ballooned, costing taxpayers in both their hard earned tax dollars and their liberties.

In particular, the Department of Justice and its many agencies have grown significantly, and the full extent of their overreach has yet to be determined.

However, last week a Senate investigator named Jason Foster, who now works at the Empower Oversight whistleblower center, revealed to Just the News he has evidence that the Department of Justice successfully convinced the courts to hide the DOJ’s spying program, which allegedly targeted members of Congress and their staff.

Foster claims that he was spied on by the Department of Justice while he served as the chief investigative counsel for Sen. Chuck Grassley on the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2017.

Furthermore, Foster claims that he learned of this spying after Google provided him with information about exactly when his data was handed over to federal investigators.

Typically, the Department of Justice is required to reveal any sort of data seizures within a year; however, the Department of Justice successfully convinced the courts to keep their efforts under wraps.

On last Tuesday’s broadcast of Just the News No Noise, Foster claimed, “They (Google) provided me the notifications that they got from the from the court signed by magistrate judges showing that for five of the six years there were non-disclosure orders requested by DOJ and approved by the court.”

He added, “Why after that occurred, would they still be trying to keep the order for my records, and my other Democrat and Republican colleagues’ records secret, after the case is already over? That’s the question that I am urging authorities on the Hill and the Inspector General to look at.”

There are few agencies with as much power as the Department of Justice

It almost goes without saying that the modern executive branch far exceeds the authority given to them in the constitution.

Many political experts call the massive size of the executive branch bureaucracies, such as the Department of Justice, the fourth branch of government, which undermines the constitution’s systems of checks and balances.

If these allegations against the Department of Justice are even remotely true, then it shows that the executive branch has abused its power to undermine the legislative branch, which is an egregious violation of the United States Constitution.

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