James Comer is demanding to get to the bottom of one Biden scandal

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The Democrats and their media allies have scandalized every single move made by Donald Trump.

And Joe Biden and his family have relatively been allowed to fly under the radar.

But James Comer is demanding to get to the bottom of one Biden scandal.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has not forgotten about Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal, even if the Democrat Media Complex has.

A tale of two special counselors

The Left are itching for Special Counsel Jack Smith to bury Donald Trump regarding his classified documents imbroglio, but they have memory-holed Biden’s commensurate infraction.

Comer pressed Special Counsel Robert Hur for answers regarding the Biden case.

Comer wrote in a letter, “The Committee has developed significant evidence regarding President Biden’s retention of classified materials at Penn Biden Center. Witness testimony, emails, and text messages establish there were at least five current and former White House employees who coordinated accessing boxes, which contained classified documents, between 2021 and October 2022…The Committee is concerned as to why President Biden has not been fully transparent about the White House’s involvement in accessing these materials prior to November 2, 2022.”

It has been alleged that the Biden administration and the National Archives delayed the disclosure of missing documents that remained in Biden’s possession.

Comer’s letter continued, “The Committee is concerned that President Biden may have retained sensitive documents related to specific countries involving his family’s foreign business.”

Bags of cash are always concerning

Hunter Biden was picking up bags of cash around the globe while his father was Vice President of the United States.

The classified documents could have been used in the furtherance of Biden family malfeasance.

Comer added, “President Biden’s retention of certain classified documents begs the question as to why he kept these particular materials. Of the many classified documents he reviewed over his lengthy career, why did President Biden keep these specific documents in his home and office?”

Trump caught flak for keeping documents in a secure area of his home at Mar-a-Lago.

Meanwhile, Biden had stacks of classified documents in his garage that were visible from the street level.

The more blatant the handling of Biden’s classified documents, the harder it becomes for the Democrats to credibly hang Trump for the exact same offense.

That’s why Biden’s scandal has received such little coverage.

But Comer and the House Republicans are not going to let the Bidens’ decades of untoward business dealings continue without investigation.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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