Jair Bolsonaro just humiliated a tinseltown hypocrite who is dragging Americans into court over an absurd fantasy

American celebrities can get away with almost anything.

Sometimes, they get put in their place.

And Jair Bolsonaro just torched a tinseltown hypocrite who is dragging Americans into court over an absurd fantasy.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro called out Leonardo DiCaprio for his insane hypocrisy. 

America’s most hypocritical star was caught red-handed dumping cash into groups slapping Americans with climate lawsuits.

Leonardo DiCaprio is on a crusade to stop everyone else from supposedly polluting the planet while enjoying his life—and far more gas guzzling than any normal person—fully. 

There’s nothing DiCaprio enjoys more than jetting around the world in his private jet to pick up awards for his climate activism, burning fuel in his over-the-top yachts, and zipping around on his jet skis. 

No doubt, most conservatives wouldn’t give his extravagant lifestyle a second thought. 

After all, how he spends his money shouldn’t be anyone else’s business.

But the celebrity is using his money to get into other people’s business in one of the dirtiest ways possible. 

DiCaprio’s non-profit foundation has been funneling cash into a shady climate group which then pumped the funds into a law firm that’s been filing climate nuisance lawsuits all over America. 

That nasty plot was uncovered by Fox News Digital when reporters got their hands on some revealing emails. 

The lawsuit scam involves several high-profile leftists including a climate professor who is now a senior official in the Biden Administration. 

That makes perfect sense, because it seems the senile president is surrounded by people obsessed with making gas prices as incredibly expensive as possible in hopes that we’ll all give up on running the US like the first world country it is. 

The lawsuits supported by DiCaprio are focused on going after oil companies for climate change.

“I’m not surprised,” Steve Milloy, a former energy official on the Trump administration’s transition team, told Fox News Digital. “That money comes from someplace and these guys — high profile, wealthy lefties — are funding it.”

“There’s not a single climate activist who is not a complete hypocrite about all this,” Milloy added. “Everything they do is just total hypocrisy. I would say they have no self awareness, but they just don’t care. All this is really meant to control us, not for them to control themselves.”

DiCaprio is in tight with the crooked central planners at the United Nations who want to strip all power away from the masses and control even the smallest details in our lives. 

But when DiCaprio lit into Brazil over deforestation, President Jair Bolsonaro called him out. 

“You again, Leo?” Bolsonaro wrote in a tweet. “This way you will become my best electoral cable, as we say in Brazil! I could tell you, again, to give up your yacht before lecturing the world, but I know progressives: you want to change the entire world but never yourselves, so I will let you off the hook.”

In an era when defunding the police—who are essential for our society to function at the most basic level—you’d think someone would come up with something more practical like defunding Hollywood. 

But leftist celebrities like DiCaprio continue to rake in piles of cash—and how they’re spending it is constantly making life for the rest of us increasingly difficult. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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