Jack Smith is furious after a Trump enemy threatened to scuttle the biggest asset in the government prosecutor’s case

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Biden’s weaponized Justice Department and Special Counsel Jack Smith have gone too far in more than half the country’s eyes.

That now includes a surprising left-wing actor that caught everyone off guard.

And now Jack Smith is furious after this Trump enemy threatened to scuttle the biggest asset in the government prosecutor’s case.

Even Donald Trump’s oldest enemies are agog over Joe Biden and the DOJ’s audacity and the new era in the Washington, D.C. Swamp

During his term in office, Donald Trump’s administration was constantly at loggerheads with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The left-leaning organization filed lawsuits against Trump’s administration a mind-boggling 400 plus times over a four-year period.

That comes to an average of more than two lawsuits filed for every week Trump was President.

However, now even Trump’s old foe has realized things are out of hand with Joe Biden’s weaponized Department of Justice.

The ACLU went as far as releasing a friend of the court briefs calling out the court for subjecting the former President to an “unconstitutionally vague” gag order.

“[I]f we allow his free speech rights to be abridged, we know that other unpopular voices — even ones we agree with — will also be silenced,” ACLU executive director Anthony D. Romero explained. “As much as we disagreed with Donald Trump’s policies, everyone is entitled to the same First Amendment protection against gag orders that are too broad and too vague.”

The organization argued that voters have a right to get Trump’s take on what’s happening in regards to a court case surrounding Special Council Jack Smith’s case against him related to the January 6 Capitol “riot.”

ACLU says voters deserve to hear Trump throttles Judge in politically-motivated case

The judge who slapped the gag order on Trump claimed that, “Undisputed testimony cited by the government demonstrates that when Defendant has publicly attacked individuals, including on matters related to this case, those individuals are consequently threatened and harassed.”

But according to the ACLU, the judge’s stated goal to stop Trump from “targeting” prosecutors and witnesses is dangerously vague leaving plenty of space to violate the free speech of anyone such a sweeping gag order is applied to.

“In the context of the order, it could mean something as innocuous as ‘name’ or ‘identify,’ or something much more violent,” the attorneys explained. “One could target another with respectful but vigorous political advocacy, or target them for physical violence or death.”

No doubt, Joe Biden’s campaign was hoping to silence Trump long enough to kill off his political chances in 2024.

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