Ivy Leaguers and this Trump-appointed judge have locked horns in an ugly battle for the future of America

Leftists believe there’s little of higher value than having an Ivy League school listed on a resume.

To leftist elites, it doesn’t matter what a person knows or can do, anyone who “went to an Ivy” is welcomed into every left-wing circle with open arms – unless of course they’re a known conservative.

But now Ivy Leaguers and this Trump-appointed judge have locked horns in an ugly battle for the future of America.

Cancel culture is the ultimate form of free-speech suppression.

Woke leftists are literally shutting down anyone they don’t want influencing culture.

Now some Ivy League elite woke activists are knocking heads with one tough Trump-appointed judge in an ugly battle for the future of America.

In recent years some of the most elite universities in the United States have made themselves almost entirely useless by embracing woke leftist ideas mirroring those espoused by the self-described Marxist Black Lives Matter riot leaders.

Yale Law became a cesspool of wokeness

Yale has been leading the charge into illogical irrelevance by openly abandoning academic rigor in favor of almost religious adherence to the Left’s “equity” ideals.

As a result, they’ve ended up with a law school campus overrun by a cancel culture mob regularly shutting down conservative speakers that have the guts to show up on what’s apparently now enemy ground.

Now some conservative judges are taking a stand against bullying from students on elite law school campuses.

Judge Elizabeth Branch of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has joined with a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge James Ho who called for judges to boycott hiring students from Yale as clerks.

The move was sparked after the left-wing activists at the school repeatedly sought to prevent conservative speakers on campus from having their say.

The boycott call, which originated last September seems to be getting the attention of some University administrators, but it’s certainly an uphill battle.

Trump-appointed Judge slams Harvard Law administrators for failing to promote open debate

Speaking to Harvard Law School’s Federalist Society chapter recently, she told students that elite law schools like Harvard and Yale should be enforcing “robust speech codes.”

“We’re asking the law schools to step up,” Branch told her audience. “They must educate their students on why open debate on campus matters.”

But she warned conservative students they will bear the brunt of responsibility when it comes to pushing back against cancel culture.

“The easiest course of action will be to cave into the mob,” Branch told students. “But I assure you, you lose a little bit of your soul when you do that. Stand up, hold firm. I assure you that no one ever respects anyone who caves.”

In October, Yale Law school’s dean Heather Gerken responded to Branch and Ho with planned changes she said to “reaffirm our enduring commitment to the free and unfettered exchange of ideas.”

That will be put to the test with Ho, Branch, Brand and several other judges invited to speak at the campus in March.

In the meantime, both Yale and Harvard have led the charge to reject U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Law School” rankings over “equity” related concerns.

In other words, they refuse to deal with the repercussions of allowing quota-driven decisions to be prioritized over anything relevant to academics.

But the group of Trump-appointed federal court judges may be able to turn the tide, but it’s going to take a groundswell of conservative support behind them to make a lasting difference.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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