Internet watchdog says it’s time to take on the “axis of idiocy”

Joe Biden and his spin masters are failing miserably.

The lies they’re telling about the administration’s latest disaster of their own making are beyond belief.

Now one Internet watchdog says it’s time to take on the “axis of idiocy”

Joe Biden’s mouthpieces are busy trying to find a “silver lining” in June’s 9.1% inflation. 

But Internet watchdog and conservative activist Michael Davis has had it with the absurd excuses for why our world is falling apart under the Democrat’s watch. 

And now he’s calling on conservatives to take on the “axis of idiocy.”

Writing an op-ed for Fox Business Davis, founder of the Internet Accountability Project, is ripping the Federal Reserve and the Biden administration for the worst inflation numbers to come out yet. 

The Federal Reserve has been cranking up interest rates, making mortgage payments soar and the housing market stutter, but at the same time Joe Biden remains committed to his Socialist ways. 

From buying more health care supplies than the country could ever possibly use, to trying to cancel student debt, Biden is constantly pushing—and exceeding—the Constitutional limitations of his office. 

The result is an economic freefall affecting the entire country. 

And Davis has had it with the blame games and useless chatter. 

“By now you’ve seen the news that June inflation hit an annualized rate of 9.1%. And you know that’s bad—not just bad, epically bad, the highest in 41 years,” Davis wrote. “What you may not know is that right now a small army of economists are trying to figure out how best to react. Should they talk about whom to blame or worry about whom to warn?”

Instead of fooling around, Davis says it’s past time to light into the agencies responsible—and Biden’s Federal Reserve is his number one target. 

“They had one job—ONE JOB! They were supposed to keep inflation from ever getting started,” Davis wrote. “Wednesday’s numbers are yet more evidence of how miserably they failed. And it’s not like they weren’t warned about the consequences of needlessly expansive monetary policy, they just thought they knew better.”

But he also pointed out that the real source of all our problems are regularly featured on election ballots. 

“There’s no safe way to get between a politician promising free money and a camera,” Davis quipped. “Today’s numbers show the consequences of that folly.”

Unfortunately, Davis’ prediction about what’s coming next is likely a spot-warning that conservatives need to brace themselves and fight against the money printers with everything they have. 

There’s nothing Democrats and their leftist mouthpieces in the media love more than a crisis.

The bigger the disaster, the better chance they have at allowing central planners to gain control over more aspects of citizens’ lives. 

Now, some politicians are pushing price controls to get a handle on inflation. 

But that’s a Trojan horse for sure. 

Those Americans willing to look can already see how price controls have crippled one of the most important aspects of our economy. 

The US food supply has basically been turned into a Socialist system with farmers deep in debt, forced to eke out their survival on subsidies because of regulations and an expense structure created by government interference into their markets. 

 As a result, farming and ranching have become a largely unprofitable economic sector with most participants making a sizable profit only when they sell out to housing developments. 

If meddling politicians get their way, the house builders—along with everyone else—will be as poor as farmers in the span of a decade or two. 

Of course, the politicians will say that means they need more handouts—and more money printing.

There truly is an “axis of idiocy” in control—and every so-called solution they find is likely to compound the nation’s problems. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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