Internet search giant’s latest appalling move was finally enough to get the GOP congressmen to act on Big Tech censorship

Google is clearly biased in favor of the Left.

That’s a big problem considering Google is arguably the most powerful company in human history.

But the Internet search giant’s latest appalling move was finally enough to get the GOP congressmen to act on Big Tech censorship.

Pro-life advocate Lila Rose and her organization Live Action are being censored by Google.

Google blocked Live Action from advertising a method to reverse the abortion pill.

And Republican members of Congress are writing to Google in order to pressure them to reverse their censorious decision.

The letter reads:

“We are deeply disappointed that you have not reversed Google’s unjust decision to censor life-saving information on abortion pill reversal. We had hoped to receive assurances of Google’s commitment to uphold the fundamental principle of freedom of speech and follow the science. Unfortunately, Google’s response only increases our alarm. As you know, Google’s international dominance in multiple fields of technology enables it to either safeguard or stifle the free expression of billions of people, including the communication of information that can save lives.”

The letter also highlighted another serious problem with big tech.

Content policy is often determined by independent third-party fact checkers and resources, but those sources invariably lean left.

So when companies like Google argue that they’re being objective, they’re simply outsourcing their biased decision-making to another entity.

The letter continues:

“Google’s ability to independently self-regulate its own content restriction policies is of the highest concern. Google says it prohibits ‘inaccurate claims or claims that entice the user with an improbable result (even if this result is possible) as the likely outcome a user can expect.’ Google also suggests Live Action has made ‘harmful health claims’ by promoting abortion pill reversal (APR). Google’s only evidence of Live Action’s violation appears to be one statement from the proabortion American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), which says APR is ‘not based on science.’”

So a pro-abortion organization says APR is not based on science, and that was the justification for Google banning Live Action’s ad.

The Left treat abortion like a sacrament, and that ethos has bled into the most powerful company in the world.

Leftists don’t want want pro-life arguments to be heard.

A pro-life film about Roe V. Wade had to be filmed in secret for fear of backlash.

When word of the production got out, reporters harassed members on set and some crew members who were not aware of the subject matter quit.

Google has no business banning Live Action’s ad.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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