Intelligence community’s Capitol Hill hatchetwoman just got savaged in a report leaked with Elon Musk’s help

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Elon Musk made powerful enemies when he bought Twitter.

Establishment figures appreciated the old regime that would work with the government.

And now the intelligence community’s hatchetwoman on the Hill, just got savaged in a report leaked with Elon Musk’s help.

Independent journalist Matt Taibbi was one of the reporters who released the Twitter Files dispatches that detailed startling levels of censorship and collusion between Big Tech and the government.

Taibbi dropped another report that detailed the relentless censorship efforts of Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Klobuchar was so aggressive in her attempts to restrict online speech, Twitter executives cheered when she was actually called out by the press.

Time for a “Twitter Files Mini-Extra”

In a piece titled, “Amy Klobuchar Went Too Far, Even For Pro-Censorship Media,” Taibbi explained that “Twitter executives cheered when one of Minnesota Senator ‘Blacklist’ Amy Klobuchar’s multitudinous censorship proposals was panned by a usually adoring press.”

Twitter executives responded with glee to a POLITICO that reported that “Klobuchar introduced legislation to fight online medical misinformation on Thursday, but the critics are already piling on. Her bill…is an effort to put some policy muscle behind Democrats’ (and the Biden administration’s) threats to crack down on social media platforms over their role in enabling the spread of misleading posts about Covid-19 vaccines.”

Klobuchar was eager to shut people up who had dissenting opinions about the vaccine at a time when there were many questions.

New details are emerging to this day from over two years ago

One Twitter executive responded to the article by writing, “Refreshing!”

Another replied, “That’s a W on the board!”

Considering the old Twitter regime was perfectly comfortable silencing people at the behest of the federal government, Klobuchar must have been a particularly galling figure.

Taibbi also explained that that was not the first time Klobuchar tried to censor online speech.

In 2017, Twitter changed its rules regarding foreign ads in response to the 2017 Honest Ads Act.

Taibbi wrote, “Twitter executives caved on a Senate Intel request on ads, only to find a threatened Klobuchar-authored regulation package on the way anyway.”

Old Twitter bosses played ball but the intel community’s Capitol Hill hatchet guy and gal still held retribution over their heads

The government used the big stick of regulation to cudgel Big Tech companies into doing their bidding.

Taibbi added that pro-censorship Virginia Senator Mark Warner and Klobuchar “weren’t bad-cop/good-cop, but bad-cop/bad-cop.”

Almost none of these details would have come to light had Musk not taken control of the company.

Now that the public square has moved online, free speech is more important than ever.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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