In a fun twist of fate this massive company is canceling the Obamas

Barack Obama was a terrible President who hurt the country and left an even worse legacy with his protégé, Joe Biden. 

Cancel Culture began in full force during the Obama Administration – silencing all dissenting voices. 

But now, it’s Obama and his wife who have been canceled. 

Following his second term in the Oval Office, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle launched the Higher Ground Productions media company. 

Big Media tripped over themselves to do business with the Obamas. 

The former President and First Lady were awarded several contracts with the largest media corporations in the country – despite having zero experience in entertainment. 

In no time at all, the Obamas went from the White House to Netflix and Spotify. 

However, Spotify wants out – wishing the Obamas the best in their future endeavors. 

Higher Ground Productions signed a podcast deal with Spotify back in June of 2019. 

But Spotify has decided against offering the Obamas a contract offer to renew. 

Looks like the cleverly named, The Michelle Obama Podcast, will have to look elsewhere for downloads. 

For once it’s the Obamas who are canceled as opposed to doing the canceling. 

By comparison, Spotify offered the king of podcasting, Joe Rogan a $200-Million contract back in 2020. 

Higher Ground’s first project was the documentary, American Factory, which was released in 2019. 

American Factory is about a Chinese company opening a plant in the rural Rust Belt of America.

Not too surprisingly, the Obamas’ first foray filmmaking would paint the Communist Chinese in a favorable light in comparison to those Red State, blue-collar working rubes working in the Chinese company’s factory.   

The Obamas’ next project was the Netflix documentary, Becoming – a self-aggrandizing series that follows Michelle as she goes on a whirlwind book tour promoting her memoir.

The 2020 film demonstrates how the so-called “intellectuals” are out of touch with the American masses. 

Critics gave the documentary an incredibly fresh rating of 93% — however, the audience score stands at a dismal 57%. 

Higher Ground Productions has several other projects currently in the works, including: a feature film adaption of Frederick Douglass’s biography, a drama series set in the fashion scene of post-WWII New York City and a scripted anthology series of the New York Times’ obituary column.

And the Obamas are also working on a documentary comedy series attacking former President Donald Trump. 

The show, The G Word, will be based on Michael Lewis’ book, The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy – which took a cynical and left-wing bias look at the transition period between the Obama and Trump presidencies. 

It’s a good thing the Obamas have all these projects underway, because they no longer will have a podcast on Spotify.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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