Ice T just roasted crybaby leftists for being hypocrites

Whenever a celebrity protests, you can be certain that the protest will be laughable and hypocritical. 

That is because most celebrities have no idea what it means to be normal, or the problems that ordinary people deal with on a daily basis. 

But Ice T just roasted crybaby leftists for being hypocrites.

Celebrity culture is destroying America from the inside out.

There are few things in modern America that are as toxic as celebrity culture. 

The average celebrity these days has very little concept of hard work, or the struggles average Americans deal with, so hearing them complain is almost always laughably hypocritical. 

The most obvious example in recent days and weeks has been the Left’s meltdown over Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. 

Many prominent leftist celebrities have announced that they will be leaving the platform after Musk pledged to unblock several high profile conservative platforms such as Donald Trump’s account, among others. 

After all, there is nothing leftists hate more than people who do not think like them. 

But not all celebrities have been swept away by this anti-Musk hysteria. 

Ice T rips anti-Musk hysteria

One such celebrity is actor and rapper Ice T who recently tweeted out, “People hate Dude so much they’re leaving Twitter.. But they still drive his cars… The way people protest nowadays confuses the F outta me…”

Ice T is saying what many in America are thinking. 

These protests by the Left never seem to have much substance or continuity.

They usually involve drawing as much attention to themselves as possible, followed by them living up to their boycott for a week or so before moving on to the next thing when they need attention again. 

After all, there is nothing these painfully stupid celebrities crave more than attention. 

The future of Twitter and Elon Musk

The truth is, changes that Elon Musk is making to Twitter are long overdue. 

The fact that 99% of Twitter employees were leftists prior to Musk’s takeover proves just how biased they are. 

No wonder conservatives were being targeted so much, even if they did not violate any of Twitter’s terms.

Before Musk, the social justice warriors who ran Twitter abused their power to silence everyone who did not share their extreme world view. 

Musk’s changes are not radical, and are certainly not racist.  They are common sense and practical. 

If other Big Tech platforms hope to survive, then they ought to take a look at what Musk is doing to make Twitter more fair and modern. 

Leftists are outraged by these moves because they allow other people to speak, and there is nothing the Left hates more than free speech and people who they disagree with. 

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