Hunter Biden made one announcement that jeopardized his father’s Presidency

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Joe Biden’s reelection bid just got more difficult.

Donald Trump gained considerable ground in the polls and leads in key swing states.

And Hunter Biden made one announcement that jeopardized his father’s Presidency.

Hunter Biden’s financial malfeasance has put the entire Biden family under the microscope.

His laptop pointed to numerous foreign business deals that allegedly implicated Joe Biden.

In light of Republican investigations into Biden’s business dealings, Hunter defied a subpoena and made a spectacle of himself by calling a press conference.

Going on the record . . . privately

He later crashed a Congressional hearing as a political stunt.

But now, Hunter Biden has agreed to a private deposition with the House Oversight Committee.

Hunter had been held in contempt of Congress by defying the subpoena, but his lawyers agreed to the deposition, which will take place on February 28th.

His testimony could provide critical information regarding the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, who swore up and down that he had zero knowledge of his son’s business affairs.

However, former business associates of Hunter testified to the contrary.

Democrats have been attempting to underplay the severity of the Biden family crimes.

Jamie Raskin, ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee, said, “I really don’t even know what the investigation is about anymore…It’s chaos.”

But the Republicans have been clear that the investigation is about Joe Biden’s actions.

Important explainer

Senator Ted Cruz explained, “[W]hat I would encourage House Republicans remember the focus, the reason this matters is official corruption by the President of the United States. Everything else—Hunter at the end of the day, as a witness, he is a co-conspirator, he is a criminal, but he is also a witness to the corruption by the office holder. And that’s where the focus needs to stay.”

Even Democrats have had to admit that Hunter has been an albatross over his father’s Presidency.

After his impromptu press conference, former White House Press Secretary Jen Paski said on NBC’s Meet the Press, “Look, I think if you’re sitting in the White House right now, you’re like, ‘Please, Hunter Biden. We know your dad loves you. Please stop talking in public.’ This is not helpful to any of them for him to be out there…I’m thinking of the woman in your focus group who talked about family. He loves his son. He loves his family. He’s worried about his mental health. But, yes, the White House would like him to probably go away right now.”

Unfortunately for Psaki and the Democrats, Hunter is not going away.

The investigation could just be getting started.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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