Hunter Biden laptop scandal looks like child’s play after leaked document trove shows massive Biden collusion

The Democrat Media Complex made a huge mistake by refusing to cover the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell.

Some on the Left have even admitted that was journalistic malpractice.

But the Hunter Biden laptop scandal looks like child’s play after leaked government documents show massive Joe Biden collusion.

Everything that right-wingers and counter-narrative liberals have been saying about Big Tech censorship was 100% true.

Silicon Valley firms have been colluding with the government in order to silence voices in order to shape the national discourse, and now the receipts are available.

There’s a reason the Democrat establishment went berserk when Elon Musk first hinted at buying Twitter; they knew Musk would have access to all of the damning information.

Leaked Department of Homeland Security documents show vast scale of Big Government-Big Tech axis of evil

As soon as Musk officially took over, documents were leaked to The Intercept that prove Big Tech executives were regularly meeting with the government on censorship initiatives. 

The Intercept reported that “the Department of Homeland Security is quietly broadening its efforts to curb speech it considers dangerous…Years of internal DHS memos, emails, and documents — obtained via leaks and an ongoing lawsuit, as well as public documents — illustrate an expansive effort by the agency to influence tech platforms.”

When leftists argued in bad faith that social media platforms were private companies and they could censor whoever they wanted, it turns out they were wrong because the platforms were working at the behest of the federal government.

The Intercept noted that “the work, much of which remains unknown to the American public, came into clearer view earlier this year when DHS announced a new ‘Disinformation Governance Board’: a panel designed to police misinformation (false information spread unintentionally), disinformation (false information spread intentionally), and malinformation (factual information shared, typically out of context, with harmful intent) that allegedly threatens U.S. interests. While the board was widely ridiculed, immediately scaled back, and then shut down within a few months, other initiatives are underway as DHS pivots to monitoring social media now that its original mandate — the war on terror — has been wound down. Behind closed doors, and through pressure on private platforms, the U.S. government has used its power to try to shape online discourse.”

DHS’s real purpose has been exposed

The Deep State first envisioned the Department of Homeland Security prior to 9/11.

It was to be a tool to leverage the Internet to shred the First Amendment and go after conservatives. 

Islamic terrorism was the excuse to let the cat out of the bag.

After Donald Trump made it clear he would put the Global War on Terror in the rearview mirror, the Deep State returned their focus to Conservatives.

Now, the Democrat President of the Unitied States and virtually the entire Democrat Party have publicly stated what they think about Republicans,  deeming half the country “White Supremicists” and “MAGA terrorists.”

The Disinformation Governance Board was comically sold to the American people as a means to coordinate between agencies and combat false information put out by drug cartels.

It was a lie – it was all about “shap[ing] online discourse,” and the federal government won’t give up on that project.

The Intercept also reported that “prior to the 2020 election, tech companies including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Wikipedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Verizon Media met on a monthly basis with the FBI, CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), and other government representatives. According to NBC News, the meetings were part of an initiative, still ongoing, between the private sector and government to discuss how firms would handle misinformation during the election…In June, the same DHS advisory committee of CISA — which includes Twitter head of legal policy, trust, and safety Vijaya Gadde and University of Washington professor Kate Starbird — drafted a report to the CISA director calling for an expansive role for the agency in shaping the ‘information ecosystem.’ The report called on the agency to closely monitor ‘social media platforms of all sizes, mainstream media, cable news, hyper partisan media, talk radio and other online resources.’” 

According to POLITICO, Gadde was reportedly in tears upon the news that Musk was buying Twitter.

Perhaps she was not distraught about the culture of the company changing, but concerned that she would be exposed for meeting regularly with the feds to censor content on the platform.

Democrats claimed that the Russians “interfered” with the 2016 election, but this Big Tech collusion dwarfs any piddling impact made by Russian troll farms on Facebook.

The establishment got caught red-handed circumventing the First Amendment in order to stifle dissent. 

When the Republicans regain control of the House and potentially the Senate, expect the hearings, investigations, and lawsuits to roll in.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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