Hulu just made a shocking call to axe this documentary amid the Left’s ongoing push to erase the past

Deranged leftist don’t want the public to see things that make them look bad.

And they love to throw tantrums to see if they can bend everything in the culture to their will.

Now, Hulu has made a shocking call to axe this documentary amid the Left’s ongoing push to erase the past.

The information and entertainment industries have no problem profiting off misery.

Many in the information and entertainment industries lack scruples completely.

They usually have no problem profiting off misery.

Of course, if something makes leftists or their policies look bad, they’re quick to censor.

Wikipedia recently hit headlines over a move to censor an article about Communist dictators’ mass killings.

In another recent example the woke mob attempted to get Dave Chappelle’s standup special The Closer pulled from Netflix.

The streaming service did not bow to the mob because its demands were insane.

But another streaming service did listen to public criticisms and axe content from their service.

Shockingly, the criticism was at least reasonable this time.

Hulu took down a documentary about rapper Travis Scott’s deadly Astrowold concert in Houston, Texas because it was in poor taste.

From Breitbart:

“Hulu has pulled a 50-minute special titled Astroworld: Concert From Hell following online backlash by viewers who believed it was a documentary produced by the Disney-owned network, as well as those who were seemingly appalled over the timing of the special. Astroworld: Concert From Hell became available Wednesday on Hulu. It was presented as the first episode of a series, which added to the confusion, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times, which confirmed that Hulu removed the special shortly after facing backlash.”

Scott’s concert left ten people dead including a nine-year-old.

Online backlash to the Hulu documentary was swift and severe.

Scott and the coordinators of the event have reasonably been under intense scrutiny.

The event was so out of control, there were wild rumors that the concert included satanic rituals.

Scott has a reputation of holding concerts that become unwieldy.

The family of the departed nine-year-old were so furious, they rejected Scott’s offer to pay for the funeral service.

Hulu used their judgment in holding off on pushing the documentary, but it would not have happened without people shaming the streaming service publicly.

That’s worlds apart from how Big Tech companies usually behave – ignoring the public and muzzling something that doesn’t fit a political narrative.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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