Hollywood just sent Texas a demand that could turn their state blue forever

The far-left dominates Hollywood and wants to mold the country into their vision.

They constantly use their influence to meddle in elections across the country.

And Hollywood just sent Texas a demand that could turn their state blue forever. 

Celebrities in Hollywood live in an elite bubble where they seldom interact with everyday people.

They don’t know the struggles of everyday Americans, yet they believe their far-left view of America is what is best for them.

In Texas, they are proving that by trying to stop an election integrity bill designed to secure elections in the state.

Claiming that the laws, that simply are based around ensuring that the person who turns in a ballot is who they say they are, are racist, they are demanding the state legislature bow to their demands.

They recently did the same in Georgia, where many Hollywood actors and directors stated they would not shoot in the state following an election integrity law being signed by the Governor. 

Texas’ election integrity law, SB 7, holds strong approval among voters in the state.

So understanding they don’t have the voters on their side, Hollywood is targeting businesses in Texas, demanding they speak out against the law. 

Covert Affairs actress Piper Perabo seemed to lead the charge from Hollywood, attacking Southwest Airlines, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. 

She parroted calls for a boycott of the company coming from failed Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean, who called SB 7 a “voter suppression” bill. 

“I spend my money with companies who support voting rights,” the actress tweeted.

Will & Grace star Debra Messing echoed her call, adding that she would avoid the airline as long as the company refuses to condemn the bill. 

It is unlikely that any Hollywood elite actually uses Southwest Airlines, considering most, if not all of the top stars fly private.

Not only that, but Southwest Airlines doesn’t even offer first class seating, making it more unlikely that they would board a plane surrounded by everyday Americans. 

This call comes after American Airlines put out a statement condemning the election integrity bill, saying: “At American, we believe we should break down barriers to diversity, equity and inclusion in our society – not create them.”

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said he was “stunned” by their statement, claiming that nobody at the Fort Worth, Texas headquartered airline had actually read the bill.

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