Hollywood celebrities are pushing one ridiculous policy to soak tech users

Elites are constantly looking for ways to add taxes.

Most people don’t even realize how many hidden taxes they’re paying.

And Hollywood celebrities are pushing one ridiculous policy to soak tech users.

English actress Olivia Colman from the hit Netflix series The Crown and many other film and television projects is pushing for a “gadget tax” in the United Kingdom.

The new tax would go to funding the arts, which were devastated by the coronavirus.

Revenue from the gadget tax would go into the Smart Fund and the money would be divvied up.

Breitbart reports:

“The tax would be applied to any device that can be used to download and store ‘creative content,’ so would apply to iPhones, iPads, and Macs. When the money is collected, organisers of the Smart Fund say it would be paid forward into a central reserve before being dispersed amongst needy content creators. They say the money would be used to ‘fairly reward creators and performers in making a living from their content.’”

First, support for the arts should be voluntary.

Adding a hidden tax is preposterous when simply asking people to make a charitable donation would be more appropriate.

Second, trillion-dollar companies like Apple and Google could be chipping in instead of passing the burden onto consumers.

Third, there should be a push to end the draconian lockdown orders that are choking the life out of artists in the first place.

Next, rock legends Eric Clapton and Van Morrison have been taking matters into their own hands by recording music to fundraise for struggling artists.

That’s a much better approach than taxing people and creating another bureaucracy that’s ripe for corruption.

Gilane Tawadros, chief executive of the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS), one of the groups supporting the Smart Fund, explained:

“Working with the tech industry and innovators in this sector, we want to support creators and performers, to rebuild and enable the UK’s world leading cultural heritage, tourism and creative industries and contribute to its soft power and international standing.”

Another problem is that the “woke” Left has taken over most of the arts, and they’re more interested in tearing down society than preserving UK’s “cultural heritage.”

That cultural heritage has been slammed racist by the Western Left.

Adding a gadget tax is not a real solution to this problem.

And because it’s a bad idea, it’s only a matter of time before it gets implemented and copied by other western countries.

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