Hillary Clinton’s cronies cranked up their plans to corral unfriendly press in 2024 with this unthinkable tactic

Hillary Clinton never got over getting humiliated by Donald Trump in 2016.  

Now, her insatiable thirst for power has her already driving her machine toward a rematch.

But now, Hillary Clinton’s cronies have cranked up their plans to corral unfriendly press in 2024 with this unthinkable tactic.

The Democrats are desperate to ensure that 2016 does not happen again.

Hillary Clinton and the DNC were able to sideline Bernie Sanders, but they could not stop Donald Trump and the rise of pro-MAGA media outlets.

So the past six years have been all about the establishment gatekeeping people who push back against the narrative.

In 2016, Clinton literally roped off the press.

Now, her allies are doing it digitally.

And if one thing proves Hillary is getting her ducks in a row to throw her hat in the ring to run again in 2024, the rise of financial authoritarianism could be the clearest signal yet.

The fundraising site Patreon, which allows users to independently fund their favorite commentators or performers, just banned conservative pundit Sydney Watson for no good reason at all.

Watson, a native Australian, routinely talks about politics and culture but it seems she has not posted content to Patreon regularly, so the move looks purely like an attempt to punish her financially for her critical commentary of the Left.

“Patreon just deleted my account for ‘hate speech’…I never actually post anything on Patreon itself, which means they’re banning me purely based on what I’ve said on other platforms. And even then, reading through their guidelines, I haven’t done a single thing listed,” Watson said in a statement.

The financial aspects of this Big Tech attack on Watson are another example of the bone-chilling rise of the Left flexing its authoritarian muscle through economic reprisals.

They’ve been going after fundraising sites, payment processors, and even banks that allow conservatives to use their services and sadly, those businesses are caving instead of fighting for their customers.

As a result, many conservative commentators have been “de-banked” simply for their counter-narrative views.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau provided perhaps the first full-scale dry run for what unrestrained financial authoritarianism will look like.

Cutting off the means for Watson’s readers to support her work is a clear escalation – the 21st century equivalent police arresting paperboys for collecting subscription fees in order to stop a newspaper from reporting negative stories.

Patreon co-founder Jack Conte explained that people could be banned for “manifest observable behavior” (comically acronymed MOB) that violates company content policy.

So Watson said or did something somewhere else that Patreon doesn’t like, therefore they banned her.

The midterms are approaching, and the Democrats are down big in the generic congressional ballot in virtually every poll.

Instead of trying to win hearts and minds, they’re simply ramping up their censorship efforts ahead of November and preparing the groundwork for 2024.

If Hillary runs in 2024, she’d love to rope off her deplorable critics in conservative media by driving them out of business or intimidating them into staying silent.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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