Hillary Clinton just revealed this evil plan to cement Big Tech censorship

Hillary Clinton is like a bad cold sore that won’t go away for conservatives.

With Joe Biden’s regime imploding, she’s getting back in the spotlight.

Now, she just revealed this evil plan to cement Big Tech censorship.

Democrats depend on controlling and shaping the narrative to stay in power.

Their allies in Big Tech give them a helping hand by silencing conservatives on their platforms.

But their iron grip over the flow of information online is starting to break down.

Elon Musk struck a massive blow for free speech with his purchase of Twitter.

Free speech alternatives to Big Tech like President Trump’s Truth Social, Rumble and others are growing.

The Left is panicking at the prospect of losing their dominance over the digital town square.

Hillary Clinton made a head-turning move, coming out in support of a little-known online censorship scheme in Europe.

Hillary took to social media to demand the European Union support the Digital Services Act.

“For too long, tech platforms have amplified disinformation and extremism with no accountability. The EU is poised to do something about it,” Clinton said.

“I urge our transatlantic allies to push the Digital Services Act across the finish line and bolster global democracy before it’s too late,” she added.

The Digital Services Act is a totalitarian anti-free speech scheme enacted by the Europe Union.

The law forces tech companies to police hate speech, disinformation and other speech deemed as “harmful online content.”

Companies that don’t comply with the law could face massive fines up to 6% of their global revenue.

Ambiguous terms like “hate speech” and “disinformation” have been used to silence conservatives and critics of the establishment narrative.

The Left has tried to use “hate speech” as a flimsy pretext to shut down any criticism of Critical Race Theory or gender insanity.

The lab leak of the virus and Hunter Biden’s laptop were censored by Big Tech after being smeared as “disinformation.”

The Washington Post reports that the law is “expected to influence the regulatory debate in the United States.”

The Left loves to look to Europe for bad socialist ideas and this could be the latest.

Democrats know that they’re losing their digital dominance.

They’ve been able to use Big Tech to rig the system in their favor through moves like shutting down the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Hillary’s support for the Digital Services Act comes as Democrats are launching a massive new online censorship push.

Barack Obama has made the rounds pushing for Big Tech companies to censor conservatives after calling for them to crack down on “misinformation.”

The Democratic National Committee recently released a report saying they were working with Big Tech to implement many of the same measures as the Digital Services Act.

Specially mentioned were “hate speech” and “misinformation.”

With Democrats losing control of the narrative, the Digital Services Act could be the template for their massive censorship push.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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