Hillary Clinton is sweating bullets after one bombshell scandal about Russiagate

The Democrat Media Complex undermined the first two years of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

The Russian Collusion Hoax put a persistent cloud over the administration, all the way into 2020.

But now Hillary Clinton is sweating bullets after one bombshell scandal about Russiagate.

The Democrats and their media allies attempted to orchestrate a coup against Donald Trump.

The corporate-controlled press, the Deep State, and the intelligence community worked in concert to create the narrative that Trump and his associates were somehow in league with the Russians.

The lie led to Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigating the matter for nearly two years.

Mueller found zero evidence of Russian collusion, which prompted Trump’s Attorney General William Barr to launch a special investigation of his own.

Now, Special Counsel John Durham appears to be homing in on the evidence that pins it all to Hillary Clinton as the mastermind of Russiagate.

Many thought the entire scandal would be rolled up after FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith got a slap on the wrist for lying to the FISA Court in order to secure a surveillance warrant against the Trump Campaign.

But Durham indicted Clintonworld attorney Michael Sussmann, who is currently on trial for lying to the FBI.

Sussmann told the FBI he had information that Trump was connected to Russia’s Alfa Bank, and that he had no connection to a political campaign.

But Sussmann lied. He was working for Hillary Clinton.

Worse yet, top Clinton aide Robby Mook testified in the Sussmann trial that he and other key advisers fed the bogus Alfa Bank story to the press, and that Clinton herself signed off on the disinfo operation.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “prosecutors asked Mr. Mook about his role in funneling the Alfa Bank claims to the press. Mr. Mook admitted the campaign lacked expertise to vet the data, yet the decision was made by Mr. Mook, policy adviser Jake Sullivan (now President Biden’s national security adviser), communications director Jennifer Palmieri and campaign chairman John Podesta to give the Alfa Bank claims to a reporter. Mr. Mook said Mrs. Clinton was asked about the plan and approved it. A story on the Trump-Alfa Bank allegations then appeared in Slate, a left-leaning online publication.”

After Slate published the story in 2016, Sullivan issued a statement on the matter, and Clinton pushed it on her Twitter page.

Special Counsel Durham appears to have the goods proving that Sussmann fed a bogus story about Alfa Bank to the FBI (which the FBI apparently did not believe internally at the time) while other Clinton associates fed the same bogus story to Slate.

Then Clinton and Jake Sullivan signal-boosted the story on social media, as if they had no role in its creation or dissemination.

The Clintons have a long track record of corruption, but this could finally be the time that the chickens come home to roost.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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