Hillary Clinton had one sick message for Hollywood that no one saw coming

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Hillary Clinton is getting off the sidelines and back into the political scene before the election.

Now she has a terrifying vision to shape the future in her twisted worldview.

And Hillary Clinton had one sick message for Hollywood that no one saw coming.

Hillary Clinton demands that Hollywood direct propaganda at kids

President Joe Biden has made fighting climate change the top political priority for his first term.

He’s tried to ram through as much of his Green New Deal agenda as possible. 

But the public doesn’t seem to care about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

His push to force drivers into electric vehicles has failed spectacularly. 

The public isn’t interested in sacrificing their standard of living because Democrats are hysterical about climate change.

Failed 2016 Democrat Presidential Hillary Clinton has a new idea to build support for the Green New Deal.

The notorious Clinton Foundation is back with a new project being spearheaded by the former First Lady.

Now she wants Hollywood to begin to instill support for the climate change movement early by targeting children as early as possible.

Blanketing the world with an inescapable amount of Clinton-approved propaganda aimed at kids

The Clinton Foundation launched its Too Small to Fail initiative in 2014 to fundamentally transform the way children learn.

As part of the initiative, Hillary Clinton is demanding that Hollywood writers and producers begin crafting movies and TV shows with messaging that explains the threat of climate change to infants and preschoolers.

“There’s now research on this topic, but most people are not aware at all,” Clinton told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “Our hope is that we can help people make the connections between children’s mental and physical health and the impact of climate change.”

The Too Small to Fail initiative has already worked with the writers rooms of adult-oriented TV shows such as Orange Is the New Black, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and This Is Us about inserting Clinton’s approved messaging into their scripts.

“So we went out to Hollywood some years back to ask TV executives, writers, showrunners, producers to incorporate messaging about early childhood development into the storylines of their shows,” Clinton recalled. “We asked them to think of ways to model the behaviors we wanted to promote. We had 15 different shows do this.”

Clinton explained why she wanted her extreme environmental message injected into children’s programming. 

“This time, we went back out to talk to the community about the impact of climate change and to raise awareness of the very adverse impact on young children’s healthy development,” Clinton explained. “Little kids aren’t just small adults, they have a much more vulnerable reaction to extreme heat or pollution from wildfires, whatever it might be.”

The current messaging from Democrats on climate change isn’t working with the public.

That’s why Clinton wants to begin targeting infants and preschoolers to begin indoctrinating the next generation to support the Green New Deal.

Hillary Clinton has another devious plan to change the country’s political dynamics.

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