Hillary Clinton campaign inquiry just pointed back at another Deep State plot against Trump

Donald Trump crashed the establishment party in 2016 and put many forces to work trying to derail his Presidency.

Special Counsel John Durham now has Clintonworld operatives on trial.

And the Hillary Clinton campaign inquiry just pointed back at another Deep State plot against Trump.

The lurid details of the Russiagate hoax are slowly seeping out.

Special counsel John Durham is piecing together an investigation that suggests Hillary Clinton orchestrated the entire thing.

But that’s one of many attempts by the Washington, D.C. Swamp to take out Donald Trump.

In fact, it’s sparked fresh looks at another scheme that has largely been swept under the rug – the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and blame it on “MAGA extremists” in the middle of a critical Presidential election in order to help the Democrats.

It turned out that 12 of the 26 people involved in the Whitmer plot were either FBI agents or their paid informants.

The feds were literally masterminding the whole thing.

In fact, the lead agent suggested that one of the members of the group should write a manifesto explaining his actions.

Conservative columnist Julie Kelly uncovered an overlooked bombshell reported by Buzzfeed:

“Dan [FBI informant] was now the Watchmen’s highest-ranking officer. He and Fox began planning in earnest, meeting up and spending hours on the phone. At one point, Dan encouraged Fox to ‘write a manifesto’ of his belief system and his plans, but Keller, his fiancé, said she told him that was a terrible idea.”

The same federal agent who supervised the “thwarted” Whitmer kidnapping plot was transferred to Washington, D.C. 

Lo and behold, FBI agents and informants were confirmed to be in the crowd on January 6th.

There’s no telling if the feds provided any provocation, but the Whitmer fiasco should at least shake the public’s confidence.

Also, the curious case of Ray Epps still has not been properly addressed.

Epps was caught on camera multiple rabble-rousing and encouraging crowds to go “into the Capitol.”

The crowd balked and began chanting, “Fed, fed, fed!”

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th House Select Committee has treated Epps with kid gloves while other people who were in Washington on that day have been branded terrorists, put on no-fly lists, and have had their bank accounts scoured without a warrant.

And during a Senate hearing, an FBI representative could neither confirm nor deny if Epps worked for the Bureau or any other law enforcement agencies.

The malfeasance of the Deep State has forced Americans to question all of the establishment narratives.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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