Hillary and Obama filmmaker’s latest effort has the Biden White House panicking

Joe Biden’s presidency is a national embarrassment.

He’s been completely propped up by the corporate-controlled press.

But now, this Hillary and Obama filmmaker’s latest effort has the Biden White House panicking.

Democrats are desperate to suppress one movie that’s devastating to Biden.

Author and conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza constantly gets under the skin of the Democrats, but he particularly does so when he directs a new movie.

D’Souza has made several documentaries tearing apart lies told by the Democratic Party, notably Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But his latest film might be the most explosive one yet.

In 2,000 Mules, D’Souza makes the argument that ballot mules, i.e. people paid by Democratic nonprofits to drop off countless ballots at various dropboxes in swing states, participated in massive voter fraud that could have swung the election from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

D’Souza teamed up with the organization True the Vote and used geotracking to map the movements of mules who stuffed countless ballots in dropboxes in cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee.

At first, Democrats pretended the movie did not exist, which is typically what they do when an overtly right-wing film gets released.

There might be a handful of scathing reviews from far-left critics, but the movies usually only circulate on the Right.

In the case of 2,000 Mules, the project was too big to ignore—the film grossed $1 million in revenue in 12 hours on the sites Rumble and Locals—so the Associated Press published a “fact check” to rebut claims in the movie.

One of the major claims made by the AP is that geotracking is not accurate, but several outlets including The New York Times have said the opposite.

D’Souza explained on Twitter, “I keep reading ‘fact checks’ by the Associated Press and Politifact that say cell phone geotracking is not very precise or accurate. Here’s the New York Times on how it pinpoints a person’s exact location.” 

The AP also shot down the idea of ballot tracking and explained it as ballot harvesting, a practice that is illegal in many states.

In the states in question, people dropping off ballots are only allowed to do so for family, according to the film.  Yet the movie shows what looks to be mules visiting dozens of dropboxes.

Making matters worse for the Left, True the Vote says they have more data, and they are preparing to release all of it.

The film gives the clearest evidence yet for why steps must be taken to shore up future elections and why Democrats are fighting so hard to keep election laws lax.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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