HBO may regret nixing an episode from a popular series it banned for one stunning reason

The entertainment industry is under the thumb of the Left.

Cable TV outlet HBO built its entire brand on being edgy and risqué, but some topics even it won’t touch.

But HBO may regret nixing an episode from a popular series it banned for a stunning reason.

Leftists endlessly attack religious liberty and openly mock Christianity.

However, leftists get skittish when other religions, namely Islam, get mocked or criticized in any way.

For example, South Park co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker had a runaway Broadway smash hit with musical The Book of Mormon, which pokes fun at Mormonism.

HBO cut five episodes of South Park from streaming service archives over depiction of Muhammad

Yet Stone and Parker got in serious trouble when they depicted the Islamic prophet Muhammad in an episode of their long-running animated series South Park.

And episodes depicting Muhammad have been pulled from HBO streaming service’s archives.

Screen Rant reported “the episode is absent because it depicts Muhammed. While nothing in the Qu’ran explicitly states that the prophet can’t be put into an image, supplemental hadith texts ban drawing his image. Therefore, most Muslims simply stay away from depicting prophets. Though ‘Super Best Friends’ got away with it in the early 2000s, the episode has been retroactively pulled from streaming.”

South Park has lampooned other religious figures but drawing Muhammad was a bridge too far.

Other episodes were pulled for the same reason.

Screen Rant added that “‘Cartoon Wars Part I & II’ is inspired by the Jyllands-Posten Muhammed cartoons controversy, in which a Danish newspaper published cartoons featuring Muhammed in 2005, sparking protests across the globe…The episode, which aired in 2006, was initially set to be the first episode of the season. However, South Park creators got into a feud with Comedy Central over depicting Muhammed, so they pushed the episode back. While one of South Park’s many controversial episodes was in production, Comedy Central still hadn’t approved major portions of ‘Cartoon Wars Part I & II.’ Therefore, upon its release, Comedy Central aired the episode with a black title card over the Muhammed sequence. The episode was subsequently pulled from streaming upon the show transferring to HBO Max.”

Liberals weirdly make excuses when Muslim extremists violently attack people who blaspheme Muhammad.

For example, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France, some on the Left blamed the victims for posting the irreverent Muhammad cartoons.

Screen Rant concluded that “‘200’ and ‘201’ saw celebrities the show had previously mocked return to town, including Tom Cruise…Cruise recruits 200 celebrities to bring a class action lawsuit against South Park for defamation. Cruise agrees to drop the suit, but only if he can meet the prophet Muhammed…Kyle’s ending speech is censored with one very long audio bleep, Muhammed is covered with a big black box, Muhammed’s name is covered by audio bleeps, and the episodes can’t be streamed on HBO Max. All of this censorship aside, the episodes received attention from several extremist groups, who hurled very real death threats at both South Park creators and Comedy Central. Upon the airing of ‘201,’ NY state police even beefed up security around the studio because they feared extremist attacks. ‘201,’ in particular, has never re-aired in the United States.”

Mocking depictions of Jesus are apparently okay with HBO

Leftists have no fear of mocking Jesus.

In fact, they would probably get a kick out of Christians making a big fuss about it.

For their part, the South Park creators seemed to have had mocking depictions of Jesus in at least one early episode.

However, that episode – 316 – is of course available on HBO Max.

With the South Park episodes it has made available to stream from the show’s archives, HBO Max makes it clear what they feel is religiously acceptable and what is not.

However with Stone and Parker’s well-deserved reputation for skewering their critics in their satirical creations, HBO Max may end up regretting nixing episodes of South Park.

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