Harvard got humiliated after its misinformation project head ended up with egg on her face

From the moment that Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016, the Left scrambled to find ways to discredit him.

This included many universities and organizations creating partisan and bogus “fact-checking” and “misinformation” services.

But Harvard got humiliated after its misinformation project head ended up with egg on her face.

Most American universities are at the forefront of spreading fake news

In most countries, college is a place where people go to learn and expand their knowledge.

However, in America the exact opposite is often true.

Decades of the far-Left proliferation of American academic institutions have led to many colleges perpetuating fake news instead of teaching people to think for themselves.

Harvard, which is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world, has completely surrendered to the far left in recent years.

“Laptop from Hell” doubter’s

A prime example of such acquiescence is Harvard’s Technology and Social Change Project which was created in 2019 to stop the spread of so-called “misinformation”.

This project was led by Dr. Joan Donovan, that is until Harvard quietly shut down the project.

According to Harvard, the project was shut down due to “bureaucratic reasons”.

Numerous reports have suggested so-called “fact checkers” like Dr. Donovan abuse their positions by projecting her own personal biases into their claims as to what is and is not “misinformation.”

Notably, Dr. Donovan cast doubts on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal which even the Washington Post now admits is real.

Yet Donovan claimed on a Harvard Kennedy School podcast that it couldn’t be because Hunter was rolling in cash so he’d have taken his laptop to Best Buy.

“So, we pretty much expected more and different styles of attack, including a leak, but was really suspicious of it, is you’ve got someone with millions of dollars. He can’t afford Geek Squad at Best Buy to come to his house for the laptop that he has evidence of crimes on? I mean, it’s really hard to believe,” Donovan stated.

Colleges are training young people to be mobilized Leftists instead of scholars

Ever since Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, the Left has been conniving to discredit him and other conservatives.

So-called “fact-checking” or misinformation campaigns are all ways that the Left attempts to spread their lies and distortions in the name of science or facts.

The truth is, people who are actually intelligent and enlightened welcome dissent because it helps them to understand their own imperfections or helps to reinforce their current knowledge.

Sitting around and telling students that there is only one way to think and that anything other than that one way is fascist is extremely dangerous.

American colleges and universities are poisoning the minds of young people instead of enlightening them.

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