Grand jury out to get Donald Trump shockingly did not want to stop with him


Donald Trump has been endlessly targeted by the Democrats and their media allies.

Anyone remotely associated with Trump runs the risk of getting targeted.

And the grand jury out to get Trump shockingly did not want to stop with him.

Donald Trump has been hit with multiple dubious indictments.

The one that could potentially lead to serious jail time is in Georgia where Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis brought RICO charges against Trump and 19 associates, including his lawyers.

But the grand jury didn’t stop there.

It turns out that the grand jury also wanted to indict Lindsey Graham, Michael Flynn, David Perdue, and Kelly Loeffler.

In other words, the grand jury wanted to charge any Republican in sight.

The grand jury in the Fulton County case has been suspect from the beginning.

Jury foreperson, Emily Kohrs may have tainted the jury pool by appearing on multiple cable news shows and discussing the case before they’d even released the indictment; Kohrs discussed how she was eager for Trump to be indicted.

Signature-matching phone call

The grand jury final report read:

“Raffensperger testified to the House January 6 committee that his phone call with Graham made him ‘uncomfortable’ because some of Graham’s suggestions could have led to ‘disenfranchising voters.’ Graham repeatedly prodded Raffensperger and his colleagues on the phone about the signature-matching of ballots in the Atlanta area. Raffensperger told CNN in November 2020 that he believed Graham ‘implied’ that he should try to ‘throw out’ some ballots in the heavily Democratic county.”  

So partisan Democrats want to throw senators in jail over phone calls.

Of course, if any Republican pursued similar charges against a Democrat, the so-called mainstream media would scream bloody murder and suggest that fascism had arrived on America’s shores.

The Left have shattered all democratic norms because of their vendetta against Trump and conservatives.

Did the Georgia Trump jury balk at going after Lindsey Graham because he’s really a RINO?  

Despite the gravity of the Georgia case, there’s a good chance it could get reversed on appeal if Trump were convicted.

Liberal legal analyst, Alan Dershowitz argued that “the whole strategy of all these four cases is to get a conviction before the election, even if they’re going to lose on appeal. I used to teach my students, many of them future prosecutors, if you bring a RICO case, that increases your chances of winning a trial and losing on appeal. The same thing is true with conspiracy and other cases involving mental states.”

The Democrats are charging into dangerous territory with reckless abandon.

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