Grammy-winning musician used two chilling words to describe this growing threat

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American culture is under threat from various forces.

Some of the biggest challenges get little attention in the corporate-controlled press.

But a Grammy-winning musician used two chilling words to describe this growing threat.

One potential threat to the country, and the world in general, is the exponential growth of artificial intelligence.

Back in 2018, tech billionaire Elon Musk warned, “Mark my words: A.I. is far more dangerous than nukes.”

Most people did not take the warning seriously then or even now, but concern over AI is beginning to grow.

For now, it has cropped up in areas that are relatively trivial, but the more serious implications are not far away.

Leftists in control of AI will be a big problem

Grammy-winning artist Sheryl Crow went on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show and admitted that she was “really scared” of AI.

Crow explained, “It’s been so disturbing to me…I did a session the other day, and this young songwriter had this incredible song, but she needed a guy to sing on it so that she could pitch it to male singers in Nashville…[She] paid $5, put in John Mayer’s name, and she played it for me. There’s no way you could tell the difference, and it just blew my mind. And it didn’t just sound like him.”

Crow added that the AI mimicked certain Mayer “inflections.”

She continued, “This is what AI can do, and it really scared me…For me, art is like soul. It’s attached to the soul. So when you get into something that’s so much more advanced than our brains are at this point, it takes the soul out of it, you know? And it’s scary.”

Beyond the copyright issues and ethical questions, AI has the potential to displace a significant portion of the workforce in a rapid amount of time.

People have argued for and against creative destruction in technology forever, but there is also the problem of authenticity.

As AI improves, it will become more difficult to distinguish what is real and what is not.

For instance, it’s only a matter of time before deep-fakes become commonplace in the world of politics.

Authoritarian Democrats weaponized government and social media against their political opponents; why would AI be any different?

Politicians could be mimicked saying something damaging, or they could genuinely get caught and claim the statement was AI-generated.

James Cameron, who launched The Terminator franchise, recently said, “I think the weaponization of AI is the biggest danger…I think that we will get into the equivalent of a nuclear arms race with AI, and if we don’t build it, the other guys are for sure going to build it, and so then it’ll escalate…You could imagine an AI in a combat theater, the whole thing just being fought by the computers at a speed humans can no longer intercede, and you have no ability to de-escalate. I warned you guys in 1984! And you didn’t listen.”

AI is already beginning to encroach on people’s lives in tangible ways.

There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle.

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