Grammy winner John Legend stunned top White House staffers into silence with this shocking claim about black Americans

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Hollywood and the larger entertainment industry still lean overwhelmingly left-wing.

That could all change if one trend continues.

And Grammy winner John Legend stunned top White House staffers into silence with this shocking claim about black Americans. 

John Legend’s latest claim has left many American voters stunned

Many Democrat lawmakers owe their electoral success to black voters, who have voted overwhelmingly for Democrats for decades.

However, polls show that black voters have slowly started to turn their backs on the Democrat party. 

Political pundits have attributed this demographic shift to many factors, including the Left’s “woke” shift, and Joe Biden’s poor economic record. 

In his recent appearance on the “Pod Save America” podcast, Grammy-winning singer John Legend gave his two cents on this shift. 

Legend went on “Pod Save America”, a podcast hosted by former Barack Obama aides, to discuss these sorts of racial and political matters. 

When asked about some young, and many black, and Latino voters shifting to Trump, Legend attempted a back-handed answer insisting Trump used a performative schtick to win over the new supporters. 

“Well, I think Trump performs a form of masculinity that I think is attractive to some people.”

But Legend couldn’t deny reality and tried to downplay the swing instead. 

“To be clear, black men, even an uptick for Trump, is still a landslide for Biden. … But there is an uptick and that uptick, it may be enough to win Wisconsin or it may be enough to win Michigan,” the Grammy-winning singer added. 

The singer fell flat with his attempt to minimize a brutal truth that looks horrible for Joe Biden.

Immediately, he scrambled for any leftist buzzword he could to keep the Democrat audience on his side.

And there’s no excuse for dismal electoral performances that leftists love to make more than blaming so-called “misinformation.”

Legend pulled “misinformation” card in a feeble attempt to explain the shift and stated that many Americans do not give Joe Biden the credit he deserves for the economy. 

“I hear a lot of misinformation and disinformation about the economy under Trump and what’s happened since. To be clear, the economy is doing quite well,” Legend claimed.

Of course, the mainstream media has been bending over backwards to spin the terrible economic realities average Americans face today in Joe Biden’s favor.

And like the media elites tied-at-the-hip to Democrat Party talking points, Legend of course, ignored the rampant inflation that is severely impacting the bottom lines of millions of Americans. 

The “Pod Save America” hosts then brought up the topic of Joe Biden’s “cool” factor, pointing out that many voters do not see Joe Biden as “cool” or trendy. 

Legend deflected these concerns, saying “It does feel uncool and they are both old. And it’s hard for people.” 

“They both decline in their ability to talk to the people and just seem vigorous and energetic. And it’s hard for people to get excited about that,” Legend added last week. 

Demographic shifts could become the headline of this election cycle 

Regardless of what John Legend and other celebrities say, polls show that significant portions of typically Democrat-voting demographics are turning on Joe Biden. 

However, the extent to which that will playout at the polls in November remains to be determined. 

Even a small shift in black, young, and Latino voters could profoundly reshape the 2024 election. 

With this in mind, Joe Biden and his team are surely panicking and there’s no telling what they’ll do next to try to reverse their slipping numbers with all voters. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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