Government officials are sounding the alarm on one Chinese censorship threat

Donald Trump tried to warn about the growing threat of China.

But the Washington, D.C. establishment downplayed his admonition and instead tried to promote hawkishness toward Russia.

Now government officials are sounding the alarm on one Chinese censorship threat.

It’s become clear that the west is engaged in a Cold War with China.

The hope was that opening markets to China in the 1970s would “liberalize” the communist country, but that hasn’t happened.

China has become a quasi-fascist state that uses the power of free markets to grow their economy while maintaining one-party rule and authoritarian control of industry and people’s lives.

And the Chinese model of government could be spreading.

Jeremey Fleming, director of the UK’s surveillance agency GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) warned that “significant technology leadership is moving east.”

Google and other Big Tech giants have worked with China on their Orwellian surveillance state and social credit system, which began as a dystopian episode of the anthology series Black Mirror.

Fleming also said that China’s “size and technological weight means that it has the potential to control the global operating system” and impose its “illiberal values” on the rest of the world.

For decades, the west exported culture to the rest of the world, but China could be exporting state control and government compliance to other countries.

Barack Obama and other officials have lamented the fact that the Chinese Communist Party can snap its fingers and get things down without the burden of human rights violations.

Globalists and establishment cronies are perfectly fine with more centralized control in the hands of the elites at Davos and Brussels.

Fleming added that China has a “competing vision for the future of cyberspace,” which could affect how countries deal with growing concerns of censorship.

Big Tech already censored the President of the United States, a move that stunned even German chancellor Angela Merkel, who isn’t particularly fond of Donald Trump.

Merkel and others see the threat of stateless multinational corporations enforcing CCP-style censorship on sovereign nations based on China’s illiberal values or capricious rules that favor the elites.

Smart cities that are wired for surveillance, social credit systems, and digital currency are not far off.

People guilty of wrongthink won’t be allowed to function in society.

That’s what China has been rapidly building, and it won’t remain inside that country’s borders.

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