Google is sweating bullets after getting hit with one lawsuit

A federal judge just dropped the hammer on internet giant Google.

Google dominates virtually every aspect of online life. 

Now, the latest move from the federal judge in the case has them even more nervous.

But their iron grip may be coming to an end.

Because a federal judge just dropped the hammer on the internet giant.

Google got hit with one lawsuit that has the tech giants sweating bullets.

Google’s dominance of the search engine market has made the company synonymous with internet searches.

The Big Tech titan controls nearly 93% of the search engine market worldwide giving them massive power over what people find on the internet.

For years, Google has been accused of using its search engine results to steer users to the company’s other products like YouTube and Google Maps at the expense of competitors.

While Google-owned YouTube is the dominant online video sharing site, the ruthless censorship on the platform against conservatives opened the door for competitors.

Rumble, a free speech supporting video sharing site, is one of the strongest challengers to Big Tech’s stranglehold over the digital town square.

The site has grown by leaps and bounds recently with Sen. Rand Paul, Ron DeSantis, President Trump and others moving over to the platform to escape Big Tech censorship.

While Rumble has picked up steam with conservatives for its support of free speech, the company claims its growth is being stifled.

Rumble hit Google with a lawsuit for violating anti-trust laws using its monopoly power to boost YouTube against other video sharing site competitors.

The lawsuit accuses Google of using its search engine to steer users to YouTube videos at the expense of Rumble.

Rumble also alleged that because Google’s popular Android mobile operating system has the YouTube app preinstalled on every Android device, this leaves competitors at a major disadvantage.

This unfair advantage has cost Rumble nearly $2 billion in traffic and ad revenue according to the lawsuit.

“Rumble’s success … has been far less than it could and should have been as a direct result of Google’s unlawful anticompetitive, exclusionary and monopolistic behavior,” the lawsuit states.

Now, a federal judge handed Rumble a major victory in its lawsuit against Google granting discovery in the case.

Rumble will be able to obtain internal communications and other documents from Google about the company’s search engine and potential manipulation of results in favor of YouTube.

This is a massive victory for Rumble that could blow the lid off of an illegal move by Google to prop up YouTube.

Google tried to have the lawsuit dismissed to keep its shadowy search algorithm and practices hidden.

Antitrust specialist Matt Stoller, Research Director of the American Economic Liberties Project, said the judge’s ruling could be a game changer.

“Getting past the motion to dismiss stage is quite meaningful, and depending on what turns up in discovery Google could be in serious trouble,” Stoller said.

Rumble’s lawsuit could be the start of breaking Google’s chokehold over the internet. 

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