Google is grinning ear-to-ear after Joe Biden appointed this radical activist to a government “watchdog” perch

Radical leftists are getting installed in powerful non-elected positions, spreading their bad ideas across the country.

And many of the left-wing infiltrating government institutions come from Silicon Valley.

Now, Google is grinning ear-to-ear after Joe Biden appointed this radical activist to a government “watchdog” perch.

Joe Biden has installed radicals into the executive branch fistful after fistful.

That’s one way you can tell Biden lied about being a moderate. Either that or someone else is pulling the strings, or both.

In under a year in office, Biden has already installed a civil rights attorney who believes white people are inferior, an admitted eco-terrorist, and a communist who wants to nationalize the banks, just to name a few.

Now a far-left radical is set to join the Federal Trade Commission.

And Big Tech is happy as a clam about Biden’s pick for this so-called “watchdog” position.

From Breitbart:

“A former Google employee who became infamous for her far-left activism at the tech giant, Meredith Whittaker, is set to join the FTC, which progressive activists hope to use as a regulatory sledgehammer to get what they want from Silicon Valley. Whittaker is a far-left radical who worked in the field of ‘machine learning fairness,’ a new academic discipline that aims to bring the racist assumptions of Critical Race Theory to the field of computer science. The far-left former Googler has made no secret of her far-left, racist opinions, previously attacking white women for supporting Trump.”

Whittaker is an unhinged leftist who once called The Daily Caller a hate site, smeared Kay Cole James of The Heritage Foundation as an “exterminationist,” and is fully on board with the “woke” religion of diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

Barack Obama appointed countless radicals to the executive branch, and Biden is following in his footsteps.

And it’s these members of the entrenched deep state that do so much damage to the country in the shadows.

Having a pro-censorship radical on the FTC will be disastrous for America’s culture of free speech.

Leftists believe that censorship is essential, and now it’s being baked into big tech algorithms.

Any American who still thinks good ole Joe Biden is a moderate should be paying attention to everything he’s saying and doing, and who he’s putting on staff.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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